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75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo Bingo is a very popular game all over the world and, in response to the growing popularity of the game, a number of Bingo variations have been created. One such variation is 75 Ball Bingo. This type of Bingo game is predominantly played by residents in North America, in countries such as the United States of America and Canada. However, residents of the United Kingdom have also been known to appreciate 75 Ball Bingo. There are some discrepancies and nuances to the game which should be explored for players who are interested in learning more about 75 Ball Bingo.

The cards for 75 Ball Bingo are designed in a very simple and easily understood manner. The five by five grids are arranged on the card in horizontal and vertical rows. This creates twenty-five squares on the grid. Each of these squares contains a number between one and seventy-five. The only exception to this is the exact center square. The center square is considered a 'free' space. There is no number assigned to it and players get this square automatically.

Vertical columns in 75 Ball Bingo read, from left to write, B, I, N, G and O. The columns underneath these letters have five squares. The five squares underneath B are numbered between one and fifteen while the five squares underneath I are numbered between sixteen and thirty. The five squares underneath N are numbered between thirty-one and forty-five, the five squares underneath G are numbered between forty-six and sixty and, lastly, the five squares underneath O are numbered between sixty-one and seventy-five. The highest ball in the game is number seventy-five and this is subsequently also the highest possible number on the Bingo card. The game progresses as callers shout out the column letter and its corresponding column number. Examples of this would include B three, N thirty-five, O sixty-three and so on. As each letter and number combination is called, players are to mark off the combinations that appear on their individual Bingo game cards.

There are two ways players can opt to mark their cards off when it comes to 75 Ball Bingo games. Some players prefer to mark off their own cards with a dabber. They have their dabber and, as the combinations are called off, they mark off their online Bingo game cards. This requires players to pay attention to the balls being called and to the number and letter combinations that appear on their cards.

75 Ball BingoThe other option available to players is the auto dabber option. Automatic dabbers are offered by many of the online Bingo sites. They work by automatically marking off the combinations that are called which are present on a player's card(s). Auto dabbers are popular for many reasons, but two of the most prevalent ones are so that players do not miss any combinations called, thus decreasing the odds of a mistake eliminating them from winning at Bingo, and allowing players to keep track of many cards at once. For example, it can be very difficult for some Bingo players to dab all their cards at once, especially considering the fact that some online Bingo sites allow players to purchase up to one hundred cards for a single game. Auto dabbers go through all the player's cards to make sure nothing is missed. In addition to these benefits, players who are interested in using the chat room features of an online Bingo site can do so without missing any called Bingo combinations. The auto dabber takes care of marking their cards while the players enjoy the more social aspects of the game. They have the same odds of winning at the Bingo game, without also allowing players the opportunity to lose at 75 Ball Bingo through the accidental omission of a combination called.

The 75 Ball Bingo Call Board is very similar to the 90 Ball Bingo Call Board. Some of the most popular patterns required to win Bingo include a straight line, corners and an X. New patterns include a tilde, an explosion, the cornered pattern, the coverall and the A patterns.