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The 888ladies Charity Drive

The 888ladies Charity Drive Bingo moms around the world recently got together in the name of charity, and helped to raise an incredible sum of £2,559. This exciting charity drive was put together by 888ladies bingo website – a premier UK-based online bingo room. At the heart of this initiative, was a desire to entertain players, while simultaneously working for the greater good. This charity scheme had Yummy Mummy bloggers itching for more, with a series of exciting bingo games and other attractions at 888ladies being showcased.

The Charity Drive in Perspective

The 888ladies Charity DriveThe organizers behind this initiative decided to get in touch with lots of bloggers at 888 ladies, and gave them £50 to play their choice of bingo games online. According to the terms of the charity drive, the £50 and all winnings would go to the player's preferred charity. This fantastic event was showcased in grand style between the end of August and the beginning of October 2012. Now that all the numbers have all been added up, 888ladies has announced that a whopping tally of £2,559 was raised by the Yummy Mummy Bloggers.

The Numbers Add Up

An atmosphere of merriment and celebration ensued when the final tallies were revealed. The bloggers played their hearts out, and ultimately it was the charities that benefited. Several notable wins were reported including the following:

  • Nicquee Oblepias won £291.00 for breastcanceruk.org.uk
  • Neri Alipoon won £463.00 for www.redcross.org
  • Mye De Leon won £260.00 for unicef.org.uk

The 888ladies Charity DriveThe other bingo stars managed to raise £1,500, which was dispersed to charities of their choice. A wide range of charities were the beneficiaries of these bingo winnings. Players contributed to cancer charities, nature conservation funds, prevention of cruelty to animal funds, AIDS awareness, and many more. Naturally, these respective charities were delighted at the good fortune of the bingo players, which was shared with them. The Yummy Mummy bloggers also had their principal betting stake – the £50 – contributed to their choice of charities.

Gaming Gives Back

As the leading UK-based online bingo room, 888ladies made it a point to focus on Breast Cancer Care. As part of the Joy of Bingo Network, a whopping donation of £20,000 was already made to Breast Cancer Care this year. Online gaming sites and their patrons are inextricably intertwined with the communities that they live in; therefore it makes sense to give something back to ensure the continued well-being of everyone.