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Auto Dauberr Feature at Online Bingo Halls

Bingo ArticleA daubber is the name given to markers that allow Bingo players to mark off their numbers called on their individual Bingo cards. It is actually a very broad term used to describe any of these types of pens. Bingo players who take part in online games are likely aware of the two basic ways in which they may opt to mark their cards off. There are some players who prefer to mark off their own cards with a dabber and, as the combinations are called off, they mark off their own online Bingo game cards. This requires the players to make sure that they pay attention to the balls being called and to the number and letter combinations that appear on their cards. Other players appreciate the second option available, which is the auto dabber option. Many of the online Bingo sites offer an automatic dauberr feature because they understand how invaluable the option is to players. Auto Dauberrs function by automatically marking off the combinations called which are also present on a player's card(s).

Bingo ArticleAuto dauberrs are popular for many reasons. For one, players do not miss any of the combinations that are called by the Bingo caller, thus decreasing the odds that a mistake will eliminate them from winning a round of Bingo. It also allows players to keep track of many cards at once. Experienced players who often work with multiple cards will acknowledge that it can be very difficult to dab all their cards at once. This is especially true considering that there are a number of online Bingo sites that will actually allow players to purchase up to one hundred cards for a single game. Auto dauberrs go through all of a player's cards in order to make sure none of the combinations are missed. Additionally, players interested in enjoying the popular chat room features of an online Bingo site may do so without missing any called Bingo combinations by investing in the auto dauber feature. Auto dauberrs take care of marking their cards while the players enjoy the more social aspects potentially found in the game. Even using auto dauberrs, players have the same odds of winning at their Bingo game. Auto dauberrs are also beneficial for players who enjoy playing online Bingo, but who have a busy or hectic schedule that would not ordinarily or easily lend itself to playing entertaining Bingo games online. For example, players can actually play Bingo and maybe even win while they get their kids ready for school, get ready for work or tidy up the house. This is a benefit which is not offered by physically located Bingo halls, so it gives playing Bingo online a bit of a benefit to many players.

Bingo game auto dauberrs are also great in the event that a player receives a phone call in the middle of a game. They can keep up with the game and stay in time without missing important conversations with their friends or family members. The auto dauber feature may be implemented in the middle of a game or at the beginning of the game. This allows players the opportunity to use the feature when they want to and as soon as they want to. Even if a player is just going to the kitchen to grab a snack, they can turn the auto dauberr feature on while they are gone and then off when they return to the game. For players who enjoy playing as many games of Bingo as possible, the auto dauberr feature can allow players to not only take part in many cards for an individual round at a single Bingo site, they are also now able to turn on the auto dauberr and go play additional Bingo games at other online Bingo halls.