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Bingo Gets the Royal Seal of Approval with Jackpotjoy's Bingo Royale

Bingo fans won't have failed to spot that Jackpotjoy has a new and familiar face at the helm. Eastenders legend and cheeky Carry On star Babs Windsor has been crowned the official Queen of Bingo at the site, and as well as lending her tongue-in-cheek royal seal of approval to proceedings, she's also the star of her very own bingo game.

Bingo Royale is now one of Jackpotjoy's most popular online bingo games, and it's easy to see why. Taking the standard 90 ball bingo format and giving it a fresh new twist, it's a game that appeals to players who are looking for something that little bit different – and those who just want to play along with Babs!

Bonus bingo action

Bingo Royale's gameplay will be familiar to any online 90 ball bingo fan. However, this is the kind of game that really likes to create winners, and thanks to its Royal Pardon bonus round, it does just that. After you've played your bingo game as normal, if the Queen is in her palace, you'll automatically be entered into the Royal Pardon round where there are extra chances to scoop that jackpot.

In this bonus feature, the Queen calls for up to five more bingo balls to be drawn. The ultimate decision as to how many new balls are released lies with the royal dogs, Legs Eleven and Clickety Click. They'll bark out the number, and however many players win with these extra balls wins a share of the jackpot pool.

Royal Pardon Jackpot

The Royal Pardon Jackpot is basically Bab's own version of a progressive jackpot. If you're not familiar with these types of jackpot, they work by automatically taking a portion of every player's ticket money and adding it to a pooled prize fund. It means that the more tickets that are bought for Bingo Royale, the bigger the potential payout will be.

Super Jackpots

The Royal Pardon Jackpot isn't the only prize to play for here either. There are four further jackpots up for grabs with this game – another reason for its popularity at the site. These four Super Jackpots are won by completing your card in 36 balls or less. The size of jackpot that you're playing for depends on the ticket price for your game: £1,000 for a 10p game, £5,000 for a 25p game, £10,000 for a 50p and an amazing £25,000 for a £1 game.

A cast of characters

But the game's success doesn't solely lie in its multiple jackpots – although they certainly help to ramp up the excitement. By introducing a cast of fun characters to the game of bingo – the Queen and her royal entourage – Jackpotjoy have managed to create 90 ball bingo with a twist, keeping the game fresh, involving and entertaining too.

How to play

All you need to do to join Babs at Bingo Royale is head over to the Jackpotjoy site, where you can join the site's 4 million UK members and sign up for an account. Right now, new players qualify for a welcome bonus too, so when you deposit your first £10 you'll receive £35 to play with, giving you more bingo for your buck.