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Ruby Bingo Bingo Crimes Virgin Games Sky Bingo

Ruby Bingo is celebrating the holidays by giving out £10BB to the winner of the most games between Midnight and Midday each day. This is an unusual promotion but you never know what will catch on with the players. For busy people they can buy their tickets in the pre-sale and not miss the excitement. Others can watch and see how they do if they are night people.
For those of you that do not have an account at this site, you can get £16 for free bingo and no deposit is required.

It seems that every week there is a crime associated with a bingo establishment. A robbery, a burglary, and every other crime that can be associated where money can be found. The thieves and crooks are following Willy Sutton’s answer to why he robbed banks. He said that is where the money is. The same can be said for live bingo halls. The halls seem to be magnets for those that want to gain money by nefarious means. The crimes seem to happen almost every week and some are not only money oriented. Violence while not a usual part of the crime seems to happen now and then as part of the crime. In any event these crimes are committed with a surprising frequency against the bingo halls.

Virgin Games is announcing their newest promotion centered around the TV show, The Price is Right. This game will have three levels of prizes and even a wheel that will add to the prize. Virgin has been online since 2004 and made a name for itself as a bingo site. Players can take the money they win or take Virgin points that can be used for any number of values that the Virgin companies offer. These are real prizes of considerable value. By the way Virgin has several segments for the gaming public. They have the casino, poker and bingo. Gamblers have an advantage of playing there due to the many gaming venues they offer.

Sky Bingo is already announcing their promotions for January 2010. They are referring to their promotions as sales like other retail stores do in January. This site is always trying to stay one step in front of the rest of the bingo sites. Of course players know that Sky always has a promotion that is worth going on site to play. This January sale will be a winner for Sky.
Players that are already members of this site will be added to by new players that are looking for a new place to play.

Bingo Day Consolidation Think Bingo Bingo Las Vegas Casino

Bingo Day has an infectious situation at their site. They have gone Christmas crazy with special promos for this holiday season. The promos run from Christmas day through New Years. These specials are going to award some lucky players with enough money to make their Christmas one of bounty overflowing. The specials are being staged every day between Christmas and New Years. Do not miss out on the fun and the possible funds that may come your way.

Another big consolidation of the bingo sites is in the works. 888 is said to be buying out Wink bingo, and what could that mean to other sites and bingo players. This could be a battle of titans with Party Gaming against 888 as both are going to be mammoth in size with their acquisitions. This kind of financial power may benefit players as a battle could mean an onslaught of bigger jackpots to attract players. If this happens be prepared to take advantage of the chance to win a sizable jackpot. The question is will this mean more buyouts of other sites by either power. This buyout by 888 could become a problem about site software. The software makes a site easy to use and a fall off in site performance is not easily overcome by the site when their customers are affected. Let us see how this plays out in the coming quarter.

Think bingo is already thinking of the days after the holidays and the promotions that they will run for their new players and the players that have been loyal to their site. One thing a player can count on is for Think to have promotions that will be available all year and will keep their players happy in 2010. This site has a reputation for great promos throughout the year.

Bingo Las Vegas Casino is giving away every month a trip to Paradise to the player with the most loyalty points each month. This includes staying at a five star hotel, expenses and a great time at the casino. The trip also has little sailing about in the plan. The $200 credited to a casino account was a nice touch on top of all the other elements of this great prize.

Tombola Bingo Bingo News 123 Bingo

Tombola Bingo is a bingo site with a fabulous selection of bingo games and side games. The games come in all versions of bingo, 75-ball, 80-ball, 90-ball and even a 50-ball variant. The side games include slots and other side games. Every thing that is happening at Tombola is listed on the site and the happenings are easy to find and plan for. One of aspects of the Tombola site is the Blog section that has current bingo news, upcoming events at Tombola and something about the latest winners on the site. When you log onto Tombola you will find important information listed on the homepage. This is convenient in that it keeps the players from missing an event that is coming up like a game with an outstanding jackpot. Tombola tries very hard to keep their players current with upcoming events and bingo news that is worth knowing about.

Bingo news of importance is coming out now, the last quarter of this year is turning into a big winner for gaming sites on the Net. For example Party Gaming is saying that this quarter was positive in all of its gaming sections and better than this quarter last year. One of their best sections was bingo as this area of gaming on the Net is accelerating in its growth as a gaming venue. Bingo is now popular with an amazing cross section of players of all ages and sexes. Bingo is no longer a game for gray haired old ladies, but has now become a game for players of all profiles. The other area of Party Gaming that is showing great growth is the poker room. This site use to have the biggest poker following on the Internet. When the law was changed in the US, Party Gaming lost a huge number of players overnight. Now they are on the rebound which will be good for the poker players that frequent this site. Poker rooms need players to be successful and stage solid games. This kind of news about poker is good for the site and their players.

123bingo has several types of bingo rooms, including one for high rollers. This gives players that play there a shot at Jackpots that reach $10,000 and lesser pots of decent prizes. Players as a group are willing to play for big jackpots, in the hope that luck will flow in their direction. This site helps with this idea by staging many such games for their pleasure.

Mecca Bingo Jackpot Joy Bingo

Mecca Bingo is offering £5000 in jackpots for free bingo games they are holding in private rooms. All that a player needs to do to get into these free games is spend £20 just before the day they are offered. This is one sweet deal for players looking to get in on the big jackpot games. Mecca is also adding £250 to their chat room games This is a good time for new players to the Mecca site to give it a try. Where else can you get a shot to play free games with a prize of £5000? This is unheard of in the bingo online world.

Bingo has been growing at a pace online that belies the economy and other gloomy ideas about the fate of the typical player. Bingo players are in love with online bingo and that is the most basic reason for its unparalleled growth. The other reason is where else can a player get more bang for the buck than buying a bingo card for a game with a sizeable jackpot. The rapid growth of new sites every month also tells one where the smart money is going these days. There has to be a reason that investors with money are willing to risk it by putting a new site online. These are very smart people that put up that kind of money. This growth curve is rather steep when one considers the general economic news. But smart people have been making money when there was blood in the street for a long time. Just look at other times when the world was in trouble.

JackpotJoy has been making winning players this December very happy with their bingo game jackpots. When players win jackpots like £3811 there are ample reasons to celebrate by the winner. This type of winner is not uncommon at JackpotJoy Bingo. Another player won a slot jackpot of £8597. Winnings like this are nothing to be sneezed at and most players would be happy with such a win. JackpotJoy has always got some site games with very solid jackpots. This site brings two attractions for players that like bingo and slots. Both are well and lucrative on this bingo site.

Bingo Day Bet365 Rank Group William Hill Champagne Bingo

Bingo Day gave away £60,000 in November and figures to do £40,000 or more in December. This relaunched site has been making great progress with the players since the new site and management took over. The site is supportive of its players and gives them games that are popular with the players. That is without a doubt a smooth way to get favorable comments about the site. One game a day will have a prize of £1,000 to the winner. These will be games of significant worth to the winners. There are also going to be a crop of free games with some very decent prizes. This combination will go over very well with the players on this site. One of the features that appeal to players in Europe is that the site can be viewed in several languages.

Bet365 has instituted an exclusive room for its 90-ball game and players that play in it are only competing with players in that room. This gives every player a better chance of winning and much smaller crowds to deal with. This idea along with being able to win a Fiat 500 is making this site one to consider playing on. Other games are being offered with prizes of £10 to £1,500. A winner of this money can immediately withdraw their winnings with no problem. A very nice Christmas idea by the site.

Rank Group has clinched a victory in a long-standing dispute about the VAT tax and they are going to receive £25.9 million refund on money that the group had paid. When anyone beats the taxman back, most people would cheer the victory as the government usually wins these kinds of battles.

William Hill has opened three new rooms on their bingo site. They are also offering free bingo at a time when families are trying to cope with the Christmas expense as well as the poor economy. What else would you expect from a quality site for online bingo.

Champagne Bingo is giving a bottle of champagne to every new customer that opens an account and makes a deposit to the account. The new customer also will receive 20free bingo cards. The free cards are for just signing up and there is no deposit required. The first deposit is matched up to 100% or £100. With three different awards for a new account, this site is making every effort to get new players. The site sure gives every player a chance to try the site without risking any of his or her own money.

Foxy Bingo Tea and Bingo Golden Hat Bingo Wink Bingo

Foxy Bingo is up to its old stuff with a new promotion that will again hit the spot with their players. Starting Friday, a player can play jackpot bingo games for free. With Christmas spending stretching budgets in every home, this could not happen at a better time. These jackpots are not small either with one of them coming in at £2,500 for a free game. That is an attraction that will not only excite existing players, but also bring in many new players to the site. Foxy has a tendency to change their promotions all of the time for the better. This site is without a doubt one of the better bingo sites on the Internet. If this idea is of interest to you, the schedule of games is posted on the site and players can pick and choose which games they want to play in.

Tea and Bingo, the newer UK site is already making waves with their special promotions. This new site is offering some very juicy games with great winners’ jackpots. The games can be played for one to 3p per card, which makes them very attractive on a risk reward basis. Small card expense and bigger jackpots is one way to get players to the site for a few sessions of tea and bingo. If bigger jackpots are your cup of tea, then there are three games each day with a prize of
£1,500 to £4,000. Now that is not chump change in anyone’s book.

Golden Hat Bingo has made a name for itself in the short period of time it has been on the Internet. Golden Hat has been nominated as the best bingo site on the Internet. This UK site has a spirit that transcends the games and is infectious to their players. This fun atmosphere is conducive to players coming back and playing more than they might have otherwise. For a new site to get this much play in its first year on the Net is remarkable and maybe more players should check this one out to see what the buzz is all about. Something is certainly taking place when bingo knowledgeable people are singing the praises for the new site.

Wink Bingo is offering some interesting games Christmas night for their players. New Years will be even more exciting with jackpots that make a player more interested in playing the last day of the year. As always Wink is ahead of the curve again.

Cheeky Bingo Joins 888Ladies Bingo Bet365

Cheeky Bingo joins the long list of online bingo sites that are promoting their Christmas specials for the month of December. According to the Cheeky site, there will be new promotion every day until Christmas. This will be posted every day on their home page. Obviously these promotions will be attractive to players that exist and potential new players. The only thing that will make these promotions a success are the games scheduled and the jackpots that the site assigns to each game. But, this is the normal course with all promotions, so Cheeky just needs to come up with attractive alternatives for the players. Cheeky does have a history of bringing new ideas to the bingo competition between the growing numbers of bingo sites.

888Ladies Bingo is using the Christmas season to have a promotion called the 24 Days of Christmas. This promotion will feature games of all types with a range of prizes. Between now and Christmas, as always with 888Ladies, players can expect great games with terrific jackpots. Players might look on the promotions as a room filled with Santa’s rewards. Christmas season is a special time for many people. 888Ladies is trying very hard to make this season special on their bingo site. Players that are frequent players of bingo will find a kindred spirit in this seasonal promotion presented by 888Ladies.

Bet365 is trying to let their players capture the feeling that comes to a winner of a huge jackpot, like one of their player just did the other day. A player on their site hit a progressive jackpot of £305,400. Now that is huge to any player and for many players it would be a life-changing event. The player who won is making statements to convey the feeling that comes from such a big jackpot win. The site schedules many opportunities to have a win during each day that would make some smile and some ecstatic. At 7:02 pm every day there is a jackpot for a guaranteed amount of £100. This is just one of the many rewards that are offered at Bet365. Check their listed schedule of games to see what is going to be offered during this Christmas season. Players on this site will be thrilled when they examine the list.

All bingo sites hang their promotions around a calendar event as this helps players remember the promotion since the calendar event is front and center. This seems to be standard procedure in all advertising and the bingo sites are always looking for ways that work.

Christmas Promotion Craze Posh Bingo Sky and Wink

The month of December is here and so are the online Christmas promotions from a variety of online bingo sites. Almost all of the bigger sites are into the Christmas spirit. Their game promotions are not limited to any specific game or prize amount. The games the sites are offering cover the range of games that players love to play at any bingo hall, live or online. The prizes start at small amounts and go up to a possible Million Pound winner. There is Christmas spirit and there is excessive Christmas joy in prizes and super games. The big online bingo sites are trying their best to attract new players to their sites and keep their existing players happy with their Christmas promotions. So far the sites are succeeding beyond their fondest dreams.

Posh bingo has the name and the elegant site to attract players that like an ambience that is not seen elsewhere. The site has a rich appearance that makes any player feel they are on the right side of the tracks. Posh exhibits an elegance that is not found on many sites online, therefore the site has an attraction for some players that has nothing to do with the games they offer or the prize money. Couple this with great games and terrific prize money and it is easy to see why Posh has such a loyal following. Fun, elegance and money seem to go together without any problem for Posh players.

Sky and Wink Bingo are offering great Christmas promotions that should meet with immediate acceptance by their players. Sky has a £20,000 prize on a game scheduled for the first Friday in December. Wink is scheduling a series of free bingo games called Bingo Baubles for December. Both of these sites are known for providing their players with excellent games with big prizes. The winner in this Christmas promotion will be their happy players. Sites that consistently offer their players the chance to win big jackpots are going to stay popular over the long haul. Both Sky and Wink qualify in spades for this facet of their operation.

Jackpot City Bingo Posh Bingo Seminole Indian Tribe Another new Bingo Site

The dream of many gamblers is to open an account and hit a big win soon after opening an account. One hour after opening a new account, a new player at Jackpot City Bingo hit a slot game called Lots-A-Loot for £25,000. The story is all about being at the right place at the right time and hitting it big. The new account player was just marking time until his bingo game started. He played the slot game to kill time while he was waiting for his bingo game to begin. The note to this story is that if the luck is on your side, a player just needs to let it have a chance to work. The only thing known about this big winner is the player hails from the UK.

Posh Bingo is celebrating this Christmas with a number of games Called 12 Days of Christmas with prizes like a large screen LCD TV on Christmas Day. There also will be £500 prizes guaranteed each day for the winner of the games. This promotion will run every day starting on the 14th of December. The cards for these games will be priced at 25p each.

The Florida Seminole Tribe started its gaming empire 30 years ago with the game of Bingo. This Tribe never signed a peace agreement with the US when the war was going on to liberate south Florida from the Tribe. Their gaming empire is now offering some substantial prizes to the winners of their bingo games. The prizes range from one million dollars for a win in the 48 number coverall and drop down to $50,000 wins and then $2,500 prizes. This group of games is used to celebrate the Tribes thirty years in the gaming world and specifically in the popular game of Bingo.

This model of Indian Gaming has been very useful as a plan for other tribes to follow in the United States. Due to the income from gaming many tribes are now living far better lives than they have enjoyed for a number of years.

As always there is a new bingo site to try out now that it is launched. BingoSocial.co.UK is the latest entry in the online bingo world. The site is letting new players upload images and profiles that can be viewed by other players. This socializing will create a more friendly atmosphere stated the site’s Content Manager Jake Fox. The site still needs to give their players the games that they want to get then on the site and then to stay and play.

Zoom Bingo Ladbrokes Bingo Quicksilver Bingo Betfred Jackpot Joy

Zoom Bingo has a special party every Thursday night for the ladies. The site not only has the Thursday night party, but also offers a prize on the game of $10,000 cash every Thursday. Now that is some party. Every Thursday the site starts the evening in the Green Room with a $2000 coverall on the hour. Other games will be scaled down to a $100 prize. The ladies night is a success with the many ladies on this site.

Ladbrokes Bingo is offering free bingo at the end of the month for two days. The Attic Chat room is where the three hours of play will be held and players can socialize while playing. The free games are rewarding the winners’ prizes from £20 to £100 on these games. On the games where the players need to purchase tickets, they are being sold at a discount of 5p each with prizes ranging from £25 to £100 on these games. Ladbrokes is one of the older gaming operations in the UK and enjoys a reputation of impeccable integrity.

Quicksilver Bingo is one of the bingo sites that not only offers great bingo games, but also side games with terrific jackpots that make their games well worthwhile to play. Not all sites in the bingo world are as generous with side game wins.
Promotions like this are not that common for bingo sites. For this reason alone, this makes Quicksilver stand out from other bingo sites. As with all bingo site promotions the player would be wise to read the Terms and Conditions of the promotion.

BetFred Bingo is offering a prize of £10,000 on Saturday evenings. This site has a penchant for promotions with big prizes. This is another UK bingo site that has a long history in the gaming world and a solid reputation to go with it. This site is one that players can have confidence in for the long run of their playing time.

There are many sites on the Internet to choose from and this one is one that meets every detail of a good site.

Jackpot Joy Bingo has a combination game that has the elements of the game Monopoly and bingo. The Christmas special is going to attract players as soon as they see the prize money on offer and the fun the game will provide. As always with any new bingo game, read the game rules so that you understand what is needed to win. The side slot games at this site are always outstanding as Jackpot Joy has a very good reputation as a site for slot game play too.