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A Sample of the Latest Bingo Games Promotions

At Crown Bingo, Thursday night games have a guaranteed prize of £250 and £500. 888 Ladies has a number of games with great payouts which include a coverall that pays £1000 if the winner bingos in 50 calls, another game that pays a total of £1000 with a card cost of 50p or two exciting progressive games that start at £300 and £500, which go up until the jackpot is hit. A third example of jackpots that now running is Jackpot City with games of £250 and £500 every hour of the half hour. JackpotJoy has a promotion of getting the prize behind a picture you choose if you win. Wink bingo is adding to its list of free bingo games and keeping the exciting prize levels or even increasing them to the joy of their online players.

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There are many other offers and the list is very long and varied in type of games and the jackpots they offer. The Internet helps players keep up to date with current offers by going to sites that list the jackpots that various sites are promoting. Use a search engine to find sites that list jackpot promotions

Some of the top jackpots that are found on these lists are at Mecca, Wink and Sun bingo. Large jackpots come in two types. One set are the progressive jackpots with restrictions about winning the jackpot and guaranteed jackpots.

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Vics Bingo

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Two other promotions should be mentioned and those are the free bingo games and the one-penny games where the cards for the game can be purchased for one penny. Some of these games are held in the ever popular Chat Room environment so these may get special mention, as the Chat Room games bring in the players.

As fast moving as the promotions become a fad and then die out over time, the newer promotions are always worth looking at to see if there is a new idea being pushed. The latest are the free game sites that have taken the bingo world by storm Players are enamored by the free games that pay a prize. In this case the players are getting something for nothing.