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Sun Bingo has made a name for itself and it’s taking to heart the idea of giving players a number of free bingo games. The site now is adding more free games with a prize for each of £85. That is a healthy prize for a game that does not cost the player a penny for cards. Other sites like Foxy and William Hill are also joining the free bingo frenzy. Many sites that are into free bingo are using it to attract new players to their site. This idea is an obvious one for sites, as people love to get stuff for free.

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Big name bingo sites are suggesting that there will be solid increases in European bingo receipts this year and next. William Hill, Party Gaming and 888 Holdings agree that the Internet bingo income will be up considerably for the rest of the year and next year. This may account for all of the new bingo sites that keep popping up each month on the Internet Many of the new sites are associated with prominent sites that already have a following in the bingo world.

These new sites are being put up to take advantage of a new marketing idea or to push the special games the new site will be noted for

Golden Hat Bingo is joining the ranks of the sites that are scheduling free bingo games with decent prizes for the winner. This is gong on almost every month with new sites coming online and setting up new games for their new customers to play. The bingo news is filled with story after story of sites that are bringing new ideas and new sites to the Internet.

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The fad of free bingo games has become a common part of many online sites. This form of bingo games is being used to draw more players into online bingo. The players are changing in that this game is not just for little gray haired ladies any more, but for players of both sexes and a range of ages.

The question is what will follow in this new world of bingo that is being set free on the Internet. With all of the new sites, free bingo and sites with massive bonuses for new account deposits; it is no wonder that the revenue will increase in the coming months. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next year and one half.