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Miscellaneous Bingo News

For over six months a progressive jackpot, at USA Bingo, went without anybody coming close to winning it. The jackpot just kept growing and got bigger and bigger. Then like a lightening strike, Sandra H a 38-year-old lady hit it at a value of over $84500. She was to say the least almost speechless with her good luck.

Just another winner at USA Bingo.

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Ladbrokes has an amazing Wednesday night bingo game for players that dream of winning a big jackpot with little money at risk. For just 10p a card, the player has the chance to win one million pounds if they can get a bingo in 17 calls. Now this is not very likely, but the chance is still there for the dreaming player. As the games wears on there are a series of prizes depending on the number of calls that were needed to hit the winning card. Even if the big prize is missed, some of the smaller jackpots are a nice win.

Bingo Gringo has now relaunched its revised bingo site and it is a lovely and pleasing site to view and play on. The prominent colors for the site are pastels of blue and. purple. The ease of moving around the site is accomplished by making the site extremely simple to navigate. Each step in playing a schedule game is obvious and requires little thought to get set up by the player. The only decision is which game and how many cards to purchase. For those with a question the FAQ section is laid out in simple terms that are easily understood for a quick and thoughtful answer. This new version of Bingo Gringo is a definite revision that the players of this site are going to love.

There are numerous portals on the Internet that list bingo sites by various criteria, so the player can quickly find sites that offer exactly what they are looking for. An example of such a site is Funatbingo.com. This site list bingo sites by various important elements that players find important. There are also reviews of sites that will help a bingo player quickly find sites that offer explicitly what the player is looking for in a bingo site. The Net is a great way to find information and bingo is well covered by search engines. When a site is listed on several such portals, the player would be wise to give that specific site a careful examination.