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Sir Richard Branson Acknowledged Business Guru and Other Tidbits

Richard Branson has a number of business entities that he owns or helped to start. His business empire includes a bingo site named Virgin Bingo. The site now is run by the Virgin management team, which has radically changed the site for the better. There are more promotions, bigger jackpots and a site that now does more for the players than the way it was previously run. The substantial increase in bigger jackpots and more of them is a sign that this site is trying its best to give the players something that they like. Along with this improvement the site has joined the push for more free games. The site also gives out V points to active players. These points are Virgin’s version of loyalty points. As with other sites the points can be used to buy merchandise or converted to cash or play special games. The incentives to play on this site are not over the top, but they do reward players that come aboard for a few sessions.

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We Luv Bingo has an incredible 150 jackpots every day. That is an average of six chances an hour to make money. No wonder bingo players are flocking to the site. With this many chances a day, the players are willing to stay and play as the money is flowing at We Luv Bingo.

Game Village has become a quarter of a million-player site. Their membership just hit the magic number of 250,000 registered players. Not only that, their promotions are attracting more players every month as well as the jackpots they are offering. This site is on a roll in the competitive world of online bingo. The site has a unique player incentive that has to do with being classified as an active player and then rewarded by having promotions that are only open to players that have reached a certain level of earned activity and are allowed to participate in the promotion. This limits the field of players, thereby giving those that play a better chance of winning. Game Village is offering what players want or they would not keep getting more players every month. This must be the case or their numbers would be staying the same or dropping in total.