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Zoom Bingo Ladbrokes Bingo Quicksilver Bingo Betfred Jackpot Joy

Zoom Bingo has a special party every Thursday night for the ladies. The site not only has the Thursday night party, but also offers a prize on the game of $10,000 cash every Thursday. Now that is some party. Every Thursday the site starts the evening in the Green Room with a $2000 coverall on the hour. Other games will be scaled down to a $100 prize. The ladies night is a success with the many ladies on this site.

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Ladbrokes Bingo is offering free bingo at the end of the month for two days. The Attic Chat room is where the three hours of play will be held and players can socialize while playing. The free games are rewarding the winners’ prizes from £20 to £100 on these games. On the games where the players need to purchase tickets, they are being sold at a discount of 5p each with prizes ranging from £25 to £100 on these games. Ladbrokes is one of the older gaming operations in the UK and enjoys a reputation of impeccable integrity.

Quicksilver Bingo is one of the bingo sites that not only offers great bingo games, but also side games with terrific jackpots that make their games well worthwhile to play. Not all sites in the bingo world are as generous with side game wins.

Promotions like this are not that common for bingo sites. For this reason alone, this makes Quicksilver stand out from other bingo sites. As with all bingo site promotions the player would be wise to read the Terms and Conditions of the promotion.

BetFred Bingo is offering a prize of £10,000 on Saturday evenings. This site has a penchant for promotions with big prizes. This is another UK bingo site that has a long history in the gaming world and a solid reputation to go with it. This site is one that players can have confidence in for the long run of their playing time.

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There are many sites on the Internet to choose from and this one is one that meets every detail of a good site.

Jackpot Joy Bingo has a combination game that has the elements of the game Monopoly and bingo. The Christmas special is going to attract players as soon as they see the prize money on offer and the fun the game will provide. As always with any new bingo game, read the game rules so that you understand what is needed to win. The side slot games at this site are always outstanding as Jackpot Joy has a very good reputation as a site for slot game play too.