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Cheeky Bingo Joins 888Ladies Bingo Bet365

Cheeky Bingo joins the long list of online bingo sites that are promoting their Christmas specials for the month of December. According to the Cheeky site, there will be new promotion every day until Christmas. This will be posted every day on their home page. Obviously these promotions will be attractive to players that exist and potential new players. The only thing that will make these promotions a success are the games scheduled and the jackpots that the site assigns to each game. But, this is the normal course with all promotions, so Cheeky just needs to come up with attractive alternatives for the players. Cheeky does have a history of bringing new ideas to the bingo competition between the growing numbers of bingo sites.

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888Ladies Bingo is using the Christmas season to have a promotion called the 24 Days of Christmas. This promotion will feature games of all types with a range of prizes. Between now and Christmas, as always with 888Ladies, players can expect great games with terrific jackpots. Players might look on the promotions as a room filled with Santa’s rewards. Christmas season is a special time for many people. 888Ladies is trying very hard to make this season special on their bingo site. Players that are frequent players of bingo will find a kindred spirit in this seasonal promotion presented by 888Ladies.

Bet365 is trying to let their players capture the feeling that comes to a winner of a huge jackpot, like one of their player just did the other day. A player on their site hit a progressive jackpot of £305,400. Now that is huge to any player and for many players it would be a life-changing event. The player who won is making statements to convey the feeling that comes from such a big jackpot win. The site schedules many opportunities to have a win during each day that would make some smile and some ecstatic. At 7:02 pm every day there is a jackpot for a guaranteed amount of £100. This is just one of the many rewards that are offered at Bet365. Check their listed schedule of games to see what is going to be offered during this Christmas season. Players on this site will be thrilled when they examine the list.

All bingo sites hang their promotions around a calendar event as this helps players remember the promotion since the calendar event is front and center. This seems to be standard procedure in all advertising and the bingo sites are always looking for ways that work.