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Mecca Bingo Jackpot Joy Bingo

Mecca Bingo is offering £5000 in jackpots for free bingo games they are holding in private rooms. All that a player needs to do to get into these free games is spend £20 just before the day they are offered. This is one sweet deal for players looking to get in on the big jackpot games. Mecca is also adding £250 to their chat room games This is a good time for new players to the Mecca site to give it a try. Where else can you get a shot to play free games with a prize of £5000? This is unheard of in the bingo online world.

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Bingo has been growing at a pace online that belies the economy and other gloomy ideas about the fate of the typical player. Bingo players are in love with online bingo and that is the most basic reason for its unparalleled growth. The other reason is where else can a player get more bang for the buck than buying a bingo card for a game with a sizeable jackpot. The rapid growth of new sites every month also tells one where the smart money is going these days. There has to be a reason that investors with money are willing to risk it by putting a new site online. These are very smart people that put up that kind of money. This growth curve is rather steep when one considers the general economic news. But smart people have been making money when there was blood in the street for a long time. Just look at other times when the world was in trouble.

JackpotJoy has been making winning players this December very happy with their bingo game jackpots. When players win jackpots like £3811 there are ample reasons to celebrate by the winner. This type of winner is not uncommon at JackpotJoy Bingo. Another player won a slot jackpot of £8597. Winnings like this are nothing to be sneezed at and most players would be happy with such a win. JackpotJoy has always got some site games with very solid jackpots. This site brings two attractions for players that like bingo and slots. Both are well and lucrative on this bingo site.