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Ruby Bingo Bingo Crimes Virgin Games Sky Bingo

Ruby Bingo is celebrating the holidays by giving out £10BB to the winner of the most games between Midnight and Midday each day. This is an unusual promotion but you never know what will catch on with the players. For busy people they can buy their tickets in the pre-sale and not miss the excitement. Others can watch and see how they do if they are night people.

For those of you that do not have an account at this site, you can get £16 for free bingo and no deposit is required.

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It seems that every week there is a crime associated with a bingo establishment. A robbery, a burglary, and every other crime that can be associated where money can be found. The thieves and crooks are following Willy Sutton's answer to why he robbed banks. He said that is where the money is. The same can be said for live bingo halls. The halls seem to be magnets for those that want to gain money by nefarious means. The crimes seem to happen almost every week and some are not only money oriented. Violence while not a usual part of the crime seems to happen now and then as part of the crime. In any event these crimes are committed with a surprising frequency against the bingo halls.

Virgin Games is announcing their newest promotion centered around the TV show, The Price is Right. This game will have three levels of prizes and even a wheel that will add to the prize. Virgin has been online since 2004 and made a name for itself as a bingo site. Players can take the money they win or take Virgin points that can be used for any number of values that the Virgin companies offer. These are real prizes of considerable value. By the way Virgin has several segments for the gaming public. They have the casino, poker and bingo. Gamblers have an advantage of playing there due to the many gaming venues they offer.

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Sky Bingo is already announcing their promotions for January 2010. They are referring to their promotions as sales like other retail stores do in January. This site is always trying to stay one step in front of the rest of the bingo sites. Of course players know that Sky always has a promotion that is worth going on site to play. This January sale will be a winner for Sky.

Players that are already members of this site will be added to by new players that are looking for a new place to play.