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Sky Bingo 888Ladies Bingo Moon Bingo

Sky Bingo practices a proven way to get players to their site. They want a player to win a jackpot so they can make a news splash out of the win. The set up works like this, first they offer games that seem to be the most popular with the players and then when a player hits a nice win, they have ammunition to use for making a real life news announcement. Another facet of their attractions for new players is a £5 deposit will get a new player £15 credit to their player account. Another set of incentives is the free bingo games every day and the penny card bingo games that are featured throughout the week. In the 10p bingo card games the jackpot is rounded out to a nice £1000 to the winner. That is an excellent win to risk reward.

At 888Ladies Bingo the players have gone on tilt over the X-Factor promotion. It has gotten to the point that this promotion is outweighing even free bingo games.
Now that is something when a money game distances the free games. Make sure that you take part in the next poll as three lucky winners from the poll will be given 10,000 Loyalty Points, which can be used on this site to buy bingo cards.

Moon Bingo is offering the Super Millionaire Game with a jackpot of £10 million to the winner that bingos in the required number of calls. This game will be played on November 30th and game tickers can be purchased now for early entry. A five ticket purchase will set the player back only £5 for a shot at what could be an event if won that would change the winners life forever. If the game on the 30th is not won, the prize will be offered next month for a potential windfall in time for New Years. Regular games at this site also have some juicy jackpots like one for a daily prize totaling £1500. This newly relaunched site is making very large waves in the online bingo world with their prizes.

Giggle Bingo Love Bingo Castle Bingo Online Bingo

Giggle Bingo is one of the newer bingo sites, but it is making waves with the games they are offering their players, especially the free bingo games. A recent winner of one of these free games took home £1500. The site is collecting a number of new players with their offer of a £10 free bingo incentive. This is enough to get a player started with the site and let them get a decent trial of the site under their belt. Giggle has a number solid games on the schedule of the bingo games they offer for their players.

Love Bingo is relaxing their rules about how the bingo bonus money may be used. The site is letting players use the money now for 30 side games and not just for bingo cards. The other change is the cap of winnings from this source is now £3000. That is sizeable amount that can be won using the bonus money. This use of bonus money makes sense since it is not part of the player’s original deposits, but was part of the incentive money to make a deposit. In effect the player is using the site’s money to possibly win their money.

Castle Bingo is a new bingo site that was launched by the Castle Leisure company of South Wales. This is one of the oldest private companies in the UK and has been in business since 1856. The site uses the software of the St. Miniver. The company behind this bingo site is no stranger to bingo as they operate eight bingo halls across South Wales. This new site offers a matching bonus of up to 100% of the first deposit up to £125. . On a further deposit the sire offers up to 50%. A newly registered player gets £1, which is enough to play ten games of bingo and the chance to win some new site money. The new site offers 90-ball bingo and also many side games that players are use to seeing on other sites. Castle Bingo offers penny bingo and free bingo. Many of the games have rather nice jackpots that are up for a player to win with a lucky bingo card.

Online bingo has many similarities of bingo played in bingo halls and church social rooms. There are however major differences on most online sites. A player does not need to be present to play in a game. Once the game cards are purchased the player’s cards are played whether the player is online or not. Another feature of online bingo is the cards are daubed automatically when a number is called. This is helpful when a player is playing multiple cards for a game.

Deal or No Deal Bingo Virgin Bingo Secret Room Hot sites in the news

Deal or No Deal Bingo has elements of the popular TV game that is so popular. The excitement of unknown Red Boxes, the telephone call from the banker and the Board of Prizes is included as part of this 90-ball bingo game. The players can Chat and make suggestions to each other. This new game can be played at William Hill Bingo. The game seems to have found a number of players that really like to play this new version of bingo. The game itself is an ingenuous manipulation of the various facets of the popular TV game.

Virgin Bingo has a secret room for players to play free bingo for prizes that total £1000. The entry to the secret room is easy to earn by just buying £10 of tickets for games before the room is opened for players. The free games have a £100 prize for each game. That is not a poke in the eye for spending ticket money you would have spent any way.

Every week there are hot sites in the news, but the same names show up more than many others and that is really worth a comment. First the sites must have an aggressive PR person who keeps the news sites informed about what is happening on site. The second element of the news item is always a big winner or a big new jackpot that is up for the taking. The sites that show up more often than most are William Hill, Posh, Tombola, Wink, Gala, Mecca and Foxy. There are plenty of others that show up monthly, but not many that are in the news every week. The other trend that is obvious in the new sites almost every week and the amazing growth of jackpot sizes. Some of the bingo sites are also increasing their slot play, as the sites that are popular with bingo players are aware that many bingo players are slot players too. A player that is going for the gusto would be wise to subscribe to a listing company of scheduled games or a site that keeps accurate track of the jackpot sizes.

Wink Bingo New Slots Politics and Bingo

Wink Bingo has added five new slot games to their collection of slots. The progressive slots they offer have jackpots ranging from £700,000 to 2.6 million pounds. These are life-changing amounts that are up for some lucky player to win. The new slots are adding to the jackpot kitty and makes Wink a not only a bingo site but a slot site as well. Wink has always enjoyed a reputation for featuring games with great jackpots. They just keep adding to their players potential big wins from just one spin of the slot game. The bingo games are not bad either. There are plenty of very decent bingo prizes to be won from their scheduled bingo games. Wink even features some very nice prizes for their free bingo games. Needless to say, the new games will attract new players and keep existing players coming back for more play.

Politics and bingo are alive and doing battle in the UK and in the State of Alabama. In the UK, Gala Bingo is still fighting the bingo tax that was put on only bingo halls and not on any other gaming operations. In Alabama, the big fight is in two counties that have halls that use electronic bingo games. The judge in one county said he would order the halls that use these games to close. The judge in the other county said they could stay open until the case was heard in January. Closing the hall will put over a 1000 people out of work and will cost both county government and charities that received money from the games in fees and profits to lose money. In the case of one county the loss will be over $200,000 a month in loss fees.

The governor’s race in Alabama has entered the controversy and claims the devices are nothing but a form of slot machine, which is illegal in both counties.
Come out against gambling and get votes is the thinking of many politicians except in Nevada and New Jersey.

Since these games are legal at Indian Casinos, wonder who is getting campaign money from this monopoly in the state gaming rules. Protection of current gaming organizations is a fruitful source of money for politicians that are looking to get money for their election campaign. All they need to do is come out against the new player in the game.

Seems that the loss of county revenue and the loss of jobs in these times carries no weight when up against laws that seem to be written for votes and to protect other interests. The US law about using credit cards for gaming deposits was nothing but a play to get votes for Republicans and to protect horse racing and Indian Casino Interest. The biggest proponent of this law was in the pocket of horse racing and the casinos in his state. His campaign received over $60,000 in contributions from these two sources.

Mecca Bingo Two New Bingo Sites The Highest Bingo Game

Mecca Bingo and its players had fun with the weird and scary characters of Halloween in October. Now that the Thanksgiving month of November is here, the new promotions will be in play. One of the more fantastic promos, The Lucky Pink Box, will be the progressive full house game with a guaranteed prize of £10,000 if no one hits the full house in the limited number calls. Each game the number calls increases until a lucky bingo player finally hits it. The other holiday promo is a major game that will have a prize of £100,000. That will make someone have a merry Christmas.

Mecca did have a lucky player by the player name of Dreamer80 who registered a bingo in under 35 balls, which was worth £100,000. Other players that were playing in this game are sharing a prize of £10,000. So the luck is running fairly hot at this well know online bingo site.

Just as in other weeks there are two new bingo sites for players to consider. The sites are FunBingo.com and LoveYourBingo.com LoveYourBingo is offering a 200% match on the first deposit. The big promotion is a chance at a £1,000,000 prize to the winners of the full house promotion. That is some prize for a bingo game promotion.

FunBingo is offering a £10 no deposit bonus and then a 250% bonus on the first deposit for the new player account. They are guaranteeing daily prizes of £30,000.

Both of these sites are doing their best to start out with attractive promotions for new players. Sine these are both new sites, the early players may get real lucky on some of their games.

There are bingo players and then there are fanatics of the game. 25 fanatics of bingo set a world record for a game played at the Everest base camp after a climb of 17,500 feet up Mount Everest. Players go to extremes to play bingo, but this is beyond the normal activity of almost all bingo players. Wonder if a winner of this game had enough air to yell bingo when the card he was playing won the game? Also was this a very quiet game, as chatting would have taken a lot of air and energy to do after the climb to this height?

Wink Bingo Scary Bingo BingoDay Bingo William Hill again Mecca Bingo

Wink Bingo is scaring their customers as a promotion for the Halloween celebration. Their trick or treat deal is connected with their Between the Sheets bingo game. The site is now offering a new 90-ball game and doing this promotion for the pleasure of their players. In another promotion Wink Bingo is putting players at random into teams for the team play of free bingo. This is an interesting concept that may make a player some money if their team wins the contest. Team bingo spreads the risk and increases the chances of winning a prize.

BingoDay Bingo is promoting a bingo game with a jackpot of £1000 in shopping vouchers. This is just another in a long list of jackpot games with oversized prizes that this relaunched site is offering to get players bank in the fold. BingoDay is also offering a free bingo game prize of £30. Players respond to free games and jackpots that are bigger than normal.

The terrific UK site of William Hill Bingo is back in the news with their five hours of free bingo every Monday in the month of November. William Hill has been a great gabling site for a many years and actually longer than that in the gaming industry. This old time sports book got its start in gaming as a book and then expanded onto the Net with a casino, a poker room, a book and a bingo site. This site has deep pockets and is noted for its high roller games. This site can easily give out free games once a week to attract new player to their site. This site has great financial stability and an even bigger reputation for fair play on their site. William Hill is not being left out in celebrating the Halloween weekend and like many other casinos online, the site is using all types of games with a theme that has to do with Halloween.

Mecca Bingo is offering £50 free and free bingo games to its players. This site has been a long time leader of online bingo sites and great jackpot games. The site has not relinquished this leadership role with these new offers. The schedule of games with oversized jackpots is amazing and it is no wonder that players flock to this site to play their games.

Four sisters in Scotland Tea Time Bingo Ann Summers Bingo

Four sisters in Scotland finally settled a family disputes over the ONE Million Pounds win that one of them won two years ago. The dispute over the money came about because they had agreed that if any of them one, they would split the payoff. The sister that won decided she was going to keep all of the jackpot and then the dispute started. Lawyers were brought in and the winnings were ordered kept by the Mecca Bingo Hall until the case was resolved. In addition the winning sister’s bank account was frozen.

The dispute was settled out of court as the winning sister became aware of the fact that if she lost the case she would be forced to pay all of the attorney fees.
This would have basically been all of the money she would receive as her share.
So the end of the story is her reneging on her agreement was actually very costly as she had to pay an attorney to defend her in court and she ended up with less than if she had just kept the agreement between the sisters. As a final note on this family feud, the three other ladies have all agreed that the winning sister is forever banned from the family.

Tea Time Bingo is just another new bingo site that being launched to try to catch the huge growth of the bingo games online. The site is going to offer both 80-ball and 90-ball bingo for its online players. The site is giving a trial credit of £15 and a 250% bonus on the first deposit of at least £101. The promotions are being described as amazing with reasonable card prices. Further deposits will get a bonus too depending on the amount of the deposit. As with all new sites they are trying to attract players with great game with good jackpots along with the bonus program to get players through the door.

Ann Summers Bingo is closing its doors. This is a shock of sorts as this site had a claim to fame that many other bingo sites did not have. The site was noted for its risqué theme and the images of ladies in their lingerie. As a site, they had a tough way to go in the fierce competition of online bingo. There will be a fall out of other sites as the competition for players continues to heat up and promote ever-bigger jackpots. The bingo market forces are not for the frail that is for sure.

Ladbrokes Bingo Betfred Binog Paddy Power Bingo

Ladbrokes Bingo is giving new players £30 to start their play on the site. This gives a potential player a chance to test the site and see if it is a fit for their play.
In order to get the £30 the player must deposit at least £10 in a first deposit. The site has a new bingo game called Deal or No Deal after the very popular TV show. This new game seems to be capturing players’ imagination and willingness to play the game. Ladbrokes knows the power of the name Deal or No Deal so they have started a bingo room with that name and open play on a progressive game with a starting balance of £11,000. That is a very decent jackpot by itself and there is no telling what it will grow to before it is hit.

Betfred Bingo has been in the gaming business since 1967. Their bingo site went live in 2006 and they have learned a lot about what their customers want and expect from the site. Their current bonus is 300% or a maximum of £60 on a first deposit of £20. This is not all as further deposits earn a 25% matching bonus. That is a lot of extra money for a new player and a reasonable amount for ongoing deposits for existing players. This site is doing many things right for its players and that will keep many of them loyal to the site. This old time gaming company has the knowledge and experience to stay ahead of the curve that makes players happy with the site.

Paddy Power Bingo is giving an interesting bonus to players that play in any Room on Wednesdays. The player will be given 50p Bonus Bucks for free for playing on a Wednesday. The further attraction for this site is the total of £3000 guaranteed on Wednesday for players who get a Full House or a one or two line wins. This makes playing here a bargain, as the card prices are available at a discount to the players. Free bonus for just showing up on Wednesday is a very nice award for the players of this site. No wonder the players are happy with this site.

Free Bingo and Lower sign ups money Hooked Jackpot Joy

Giggle Bingo has lowered their minimum deposit to £10, which is half of what it was. This relatively new site is offering some great bingo games with outstanding jackpots. Maybe worth a look-see if you are looking to try a new site.

Ladbrokes is now offering £30 of free bingo to new players that sign up on their site. This site is one of the better gaming sites on the Net and a free trial is well worth taking advantage of for a new player.

Why are players hooked on bingo? The reasons are varied but start with big jackpots for little risk. Can play the game from home and not have to drive at night. I like to socializes was a big reason for the players to sign up and play.
The word free is an enticement, when connected to money. The free bingo games are attracting many player to the sites that offer free games.

A big reason that is given by players is they can play the game they want to play when they want to play. Some site will be offering what is wanted. All you need to play is an Internet connection and a little money you are willing to risk.

Jackpot Joy is offering the Price is Right bingo game after the popular TV show. The game is called that and the price is right to play. This new game is addictive and players seem to love playing it. The ticket price may have something to do with this games popularity. The only way to see what the fuss is about is to try the game for yourself. There has to be a reason that the players are raving about this game.

Titan Bingo Parlay Sky Bingo

Titan Bingo is ready to go live and be the latest new bingo site on the Net. Titan already had a presence on the Internet with poker and a casino. This addition makes sense for they have a customer base and bingo is capturing more gamblers all of the time. As a new site, Titan will probably have some outstanding prize games as well as many games that will be featured each week. A new site has to attract players with their bonus arrangement and the games that they offer. Look for the announcement that the site is now live and check out what they offer to the new players.
Parlay software is making inroads into the bingo software business with its new Parlay software. The reasons for its success are obvious to any player that plays on a site that uses the software. A player can use different languages and currency than the older software is limited to. Side games can be played at the same time as the bingo game is playing. The site can make changes as they want too, and there is no need to involve Parlay Company. Chat room ease is important to any bingo site and this software makes that a snap for the bingo site.
Watch the progress of this new software as more sites switch to it to keep abreast of the new technology.

A new player done did it again at Sky Bingo. Kellie O saw a TV ad for Sky and opened an account. She then played a progressive bingo game and hit a full House in 29 calls and won a massive £15,441. She is still pinching herself and having a hard time believing her good fortune. This is another big winner in the last few weeks since the newly relaunch bingo site hit the Internet after the site changes. This kind of news will do nothing but attract players to the site. Of course many people will be just like Kellie and think it can never happen to me.
When it does the shock of this kind of win will take a persons breath away. This mother of three stated that this was going to change the life for her and her family. Players that play for a while keep wondering if this will ever happen to them. As most players know, it only takes one lucky card in the right game to make it happen.