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St. Patrick’s Day at Gala Mega Bingo

St. Patrick's Day is loved by the Irish and every body else that claims to be Irish. Gala Bingo is going to have fun during the Irish celebration. Any deposits on that day over £20 will receive a matching bonus of up to 100%. The huge game selection at Gala is another reason to play there during this Irish Special. One thing about this special promotion is a person can stay home and still have a great time on this one day a year fun day. Gala has a well deserved reputation for putting the best games forward. Any site with as many quality games as Gala features will be a winner with the players. This fact is true for the players, and likely to continue as the website management is aware that the standard they have set is what keeps them in play as a very good bingo site. Gala has enjoyed this reputation for a number of years and they know how hard it is to maintain that quality level. Players are fortunate that this site realizes that this level of games and treatment of players is critical to keeping the site a top bingo website.

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There is no way a bingo site can guarantee that a player will win. However they can make it an absolute certainty that a game will have a mega jackpot if they want to do that. This is not as players really would like it to be, but it is better than jackpots that are puny. Mega tries to get players to visit and play some of the big prize games. Once a player has the thrill of coming close on a big win or actually winning, they will be hooked on big games for a long time. Mega's current promotion is called Money Grabber which is a game with £100 pots and a £3000 jackpot. Mega has a matching bonus of 200% up to £500. The side game include slots, pull tabs and keno. Any site dedicated to big bingo games has a chance to become very popular with a lot of players. Many players are more than willing to risk some ticket money on bigger jackpots. Mega's game plan is to keep the games up in the large jackpot territory so that players are willing to play online at their site.