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A lady player at Tea and Bingo has to be one very happy and thankful bingo player these days as the is going to get to go to New Zealand to see her daughter and grandchildren that she thought she would not see again as she could not afford the trip to see them. Her win at Tea and Bingo of £29,000 is changing all of that and will allow her the happy visit. She last saw her daughter five years ago and now she will be able to see her and the children for the first time in five years. The winning lady is thrilled beyond all reason at this remarkable turn of events that has come into to her life from a bingo win. What would you do if you just won this amount of money?

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Foxy Bingo has a great promotion going at present. A player can buy tickets for 1p for a game with a jackpot of £10,000. Now that is an exciting proposition. Foxy has an image of featuring big jackpot games every week. There are other games that have reasonable pots, but the big ones seem to attract the players to the site. Foxy does this move all of the time and players are wising up to playing here for the games that are being offered. Other sites have games, but Foxy has a passion for big jackpot games. Players love to play at Foxy for this reason.

Gala Bingo is making its bingo hall player smile from ear to ear these days with the jackpots they are paying out to its players. The word is that two players combined to win almost £400,000 in the Gala High 5 game. One player hit for £260,000 and the other hit for a smaller but nice jackpot of £135,000. Those are very nice jackpots to win at any time, but coming as close together as they did is what makes them so unusual. Gala pays out so much money every year that these two wins are not even putting a ripple in their money trough. Gala pays out over £65 million every year to winning players. So you can see this 400K was not a big deal to this very good bingo operator. So play at Gala and take advantage of their current largess.