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Giggle announces that a player hit one of their progressive games for a nice win of $912. The player, Leeluk84, was the proud winner of the progressive game in the 75-ball game room. Giggle is rapidly making a name for the relatively new site by announcing winners at a steady pace. This kind of news attracts other players and makes them very interested in the site making the news. Winning and winners go together in the mind of gaming patrons and bingo is no exception to this gambling thinking.

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Tea and Bingo is making their site a better place for strapped player to play bingo and not have to put out as much money to play as they used to put out. The site offers free bingo and penny cards for games to help the players stretch out their gaming dollars. With the high number of these deals they are offering, it is obvious that they know that some players just do not have the where with all these days to be strong players. Players are not as flush as they have been in the past, and recognizing this is the reason the Tea and Bingo has gone to the lower cost bingo games. Free games and low ticket prices are an obvious move to get their players to play more, but at a lower level of cost. Lower cost seems to be the new theme of Tea and Bingo.

Bingo Fabulous is one of the better bingo sites. Their featured games are usually fun to play and great to win. Fabulous offers a number of games with guaranteed prizes and reasonable ticket prices. Those are deadly combinations, but the combinations are a winner for the site and the players that are looking for money and great bingo games. Fabulous has the correct name for a site that could be called fabulous for its games. Not all sites have a name that fits so well, but fabulous does have the name and the games. This is the way a site would love the players to view it and Fabulous gets the praise for being what their site name implies. Players are not at all unhappy to play this bingo site with the games they offer. The prize money is substantial for players to go after and try to win so they can take the lute home.