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How To Play Speed Bingo Online

There are a lot of bingo fans out there who are looking for new and exciting versions of their favorite game and one really popular version is speed bingo.  Speed bingo sounds fast and fun doesn’t it? We think it is. So, read on to learn more about this fantastic online bingo game including which fun sites you can visit to find Speed Bingo online.

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Speed Bingo Is Popular With Online Gamers

Unlike regular bingo which will be played with 75, 80 or 90 balls this is played with just 30 balls. As you would think this means that the game is much faster which is perfect for people who enjoy a game that is fast paced. If you tend to play bingo online you will want to know how this particular game is played.

Speed Bingo 101: Learn The Basics Of The Game

Firstly like any online bingo game the numbers that are called will be randomly generated and called out to players who have bingo cards. The bingo cards for speed bingo are numbered from 1 to 30 and they are set out in three columns. Column 1 is from 1 – 10, column 2 is from 11 – 20 and column 3 is from 21 -30 and each card has 9 numbers on it.

Full House Takes Home The Speed Bingo Prize

Unlike some games of bingo in which a person can win on 1 line, 2 lines or a full house the only way to win a game of speed bingo is with a full house. This means you must have all nine numbers marked off your card. This is a key distinction between speed bingo and other bingo games where you win with a smaller pattern or line of numbers.

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Gone Bingo, Bingo Playground, Mira Bingo = Speed Bingo

There are many different online bingo sites that offers speed bingo and these include: Gone Bingo which has a €15 no deposit bonus for all new players and a 300% bonus on the first 3 deposits into your players account. Next you can enjoy speed bingo at Bingo Playground which will give new members a welcome bonus of €15 simply for signing up. Finally you can also play this fast version of bingo at Mira Bingo and get a €15 no deposit bonus and 300% bonuses which are the same as Gone Bingo.