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Fairys Bingo Keeps You Afloat Online

Are you looking for enticing new Bingo games, bonuses, and free bonus bucks?  Then you need to become a registered player at Fairys Bingo.  If you become a member at Fairys Bingo you can play free games without paying a dime.  You can also play for real cash and win real prizes.  Your first cash deposit equaling anything from €10 to € 100 is matched at a rate of 150%.  Second and subsequent deposits equaling anything from € 20 to € 100 is matched at a rate of 50%. Read on to learn about more promotions.

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Bingo Hall

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Bingo For Money

$25 no dep. plus 250% bonus


Bust Those Calories In February For Big Bonuses

In February, Fairys Bingo is running the Calorie Buster promo; you can play Bingo with a chance to win up to €1000 in a sport voucher or you can earn € 1000 in gym equipment; play Bingo in the Calorie Buster room at scheduled times and “burn calories.”  The more you burn, the greater the likelihood of winning.  New players and returning members can play free Bingo each month with a guarantee of winning as much as € 200 every day. Fairys Bingo has chat Bingo, team Bingo, 75 ball progressive Diamonds are Forever Bingo, and 90 ball House Party Bingo.

Auto Enrollment In Fairys Bingo Loyalty Is A Big Perk

Fairys Bingo automatically enrolls you into their generous loyalty plan.  The more you log into the Fairys Bingo website and play games, the greater are the rewards that you will receive.  You can work your way through the BFF Pink level, the Gold level, and the Platinum level just by accumulating loyalty points.

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Vics Bingo

500% or 300% bonus


How To Use Your Fairys Bingo Loyalty Reward Bonuses

You get points for buying Bingo cards, for playing games, and for referring your friends.  The amount you pay for a Bingo card determines the points you get.  If you pay 5p to 10p, you earn one point per Bingo card.  If you pay 25p for cards, you get 2 points per card.  Cards that cost 50p get you 5 points, and cards costing €1 earn you 10 points.  Friend referrals earn you 5000 points per successful referral.  For every 1000 points you manage to accrue, you can convert the point into €1.  Best of all, if you play chat Bingo during happy hour at Fairys Bingo, you get double the loyalty points you would have earned.