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Understanding Player Loyalty VIP Rewards Plans

When you play online bingo, just about every site out there offers you either automatic enrollment or invite enrollment in a player loyalty VIP rewards plan. Some of these plans can be confusing if you haven’t used them before. With these tips and strategies you will understand player loyalty VIP rewards better and get access to more free casino money.

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Tip #1: Read The Terms And Conditions

Each online bingo hall or casino you play games at will have their own terms and conditions for their VIP player loyalty rewards program. Many will be similar, but reading the rules and regulations of the VIP plan for the site you are on is critical if you want to truly understand it. Most sites have charts and written information on how the bonus structures work and what you get out of the rewards as a player.

Tip #2: Tiers And Levels Are The Same Thing

The word level is more often seen in online bingo halls with an American audience while tiers are seen more often in British and European targeted bingo halls terms of service for VIP player loyalty rewards. Tiers and layers mean the same thing – they are stepped parts of the program, with each step you attain reaping bigger rewards for you as you “climb the tiers” or “level up”. A level, or tier is simply a gradation of action that increases the more you do on the site.

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Tip #3: Know The Terms Of Play And Wagering

With automatic VIP comp points or bonus bucks the amounts are credited to your account. You can’t usually control when or how. What you can control is how many you earn, and to do this you also have to understand how they can be used or if there are any wagering requirements. For example, some VIP programs maintain that a player must wager equal amounts of their own money to the amount of bonus bucks they wager in order to claim any wins. The way you can learn this, and how valuable your free casino money really is, is to go back to tip #1 and read the terms and conditions of the rewards plan offer. If there are terms you don’t understand, query customer service for an explanation. Often the legal language can easily be translated to what you will understand so you can maximize your bonuses.