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Use Your Friend Referrals Wisely In 2014

At the start of the month we ended our welcome and Happy New Year post with a blurb about refer a friend promotions at your favorite online bingo halls. If you’ve played at least two bingo halls online you are probably familiar with these promotional bonuses. There are only a small handful of online bingo and casino gaming venues that don’t offer the refer a friend program, and you would be hard pressed to have only encountered those rarities. Just in case though, we’ll explain how the programs work and how you can use them to boost your bingo bankroll.

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It’s quite simple actually. If you are a member of an online bingo hall that has a friend referral promotion then you can invite other players to join you as members of the site. This is kind of like online word of mouth advertising for your favorite brands. The difference is that when you invite your friend to play your favorite bingo gaming destinations, they will get a bonus for some free bingo play. In addition you will also get bonuses from the site when your friend meets the terms of the invitation – usually they must become a depositing member.

So, why do we say to use them wisely? In 2014 a lot of new online bingo halls are bound to crop up and we’ll share them with you. Like anything new it becomes the latest buzz, and everyone wants to get in on the action. So, you need to beat the rush and invite your friends to play these new online gambling venues before your other friends beat you to the punch. So, as soon as you sign up at a newly released gaming venue in 2014, you will want to have a list of your friends emails ready so that you can invite those who enjoy online gambling. That way you will reap the rewards of the refer a friend bonuses promotion, as well as be the first to share a new gambling experience with a friend who also loves the bingo hall and casino gambling online experience. This is a win win situation. If you’ve met new friends to online gaming, then this is a great time to introduce them to your old favorite venues, before they discover them themselves. So, get going and spread the joy of online gaming.