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Glossy Bingo Is A Hot New Chat Bingo Site To Play

Glossy Bingo is not to be missed. This site offers players bingo, slots and casino gaming experiences as well as plentiful promo action for the beginner bingo player, as well as the well-seasoned card carrying bingo maven. The site is clearly delineated with tabs so that you can move around effortlessly to find exactly the game you want to play, when you want to play it at this 24/7 bingo gaming venue.

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Chat games on this site are plentiful as well. If you love chat you will love Glossy Bingo.

5 Alive, Chains, Devils Delight, Double Trouble and Mirrors are the offerings you can play at Glossy Bingo. Here’s how they work. With 5 Alive you provide the chat moderator with 5 numbers – choose one from each line on the grid. When all 5 are called you call 5alive to win bonus bingo bucks.

Chains is another fun chat bingo game where ach player gives the CH a number 1-90. You then must form a chain to win. You need 3 more connecting numbers to form a chain. For example, if you picked 21, and 22, 23, 24 are called you form the chain. Chains can only go across the bingo ticket, and when you form your chain you call CHAINS and your number to win bonus bingo bucks.

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Devils Delight is another hot chat bingo offering at Glossy Bingo. With this game you need to be the first person to call DEVILS DELIGHT when you see 3 numbers ending in a six, aka 666 in the form of something like 6, 16 and 26 would work. This is a great way to play, shall we say, devil’s advocate and collect some free bingo bonuses.

Double Trouble and Mirrors are two more fun offerings in the chat spectrum from Glossy Bingo. However, we don’t want to spoil all the fun for you. So, in order to find out about the additional chat bingo games, standard bingo game play, casino games, and slots available at this increasingly popular online bingo hall you will need to surf on over to the site and register as a new player member. Be sure to check out the easy to find promotions at Glossy Bingo. As a new player you can collect some fun bonus bucks for free bingo play as well as claim loyalty rewards.