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Free Big Fish Bingo Blends Competitive And Collaborative Features

Big Fish Bingo's chat features are what make the game collaborative – players can communicate with one another and discuss game play rules and challenges. Yet, an element of competition remains as you try to make use of power ups, move through stages, and get as many Bingo wins as you can! This game is a mobile app compatible with Apple devices. The game is available in version 1.5.2 and is offered in the English language. Big Fish Games is the creator of the app.

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Big Fish Bingo has a ball caller with a female voice. The voice calls out the letter and number that is pulled from the virtual tombola slowly so it is easy for you to find the column and number you seek. Above the Bingo cards in play is a ball call tracker where you can see the current ball call and a few of the previous calls. The backdrop of the game does not distract from game play. Along the upper edge of the game screen there are chat tools and features so you can socialize while playing. This app gives you access to games like Speed Bingo and in such games you can win more Gems and coins. In Speed Bingo, you decide whether to bet coins or gems, and the more you bet, the higher the potential winnings.

The Apple App Store gives the game a rating indicating it is ideal for ages four and older. The game is iPhone 5 optimized. The app is also compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. You must have an iOS 4.3 or greater to play. This app supplies you with access to a variety of Bingo game rooms. You can access games from the game lobby within the app. Some of the Bingo rooms you can play include the Blue Room, Pro Blue Room, Dottie's Drive-in Solo Room, and the limited time Lucky Clover Room. Additional rooms include the Gemstone Canyon where you can play cards that cost eight gems each, and sometimes you can get free powerups and gem bonuses as well. When you see the gem barrel is full, you can collect free gems every 30 minutes.

Big Fish Bingo is available for download on Facebook via the game center. The game is also available for free download at the Apple App Store online.