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Mecca Bingo Review

Mecca Bingo Mecca Bingo is one of the largest live bingo hall operations in the UK and now has a very successful site online. They offer a £50 signup bonus to new players. This bonus is generous considering they have some of the best promotions for a bingo site that is now online. They have several 4 or 5 figure jackpot games each month and in some cases each day. The game mix is not only in prize money, but also the games are 75-ball or 90-ball. There are seven 90-ball rooms and three 75-ball rooms.

Mecca Bingo The list of promoted games with large prize money is truly amazing when studying the list. This fact makes the attraction of this online site obvious. For those looking to mix bingo with casino play that is no problem as the array of slot games and regular casino games gives plenty of choices. Among the many promotions, the Happy Hour bingo promo is well attended. The number of major size jackpots actually makes many of the games very popular.

All of the bingo rooms have unique names like Key to the Door or Lucky for Some. Players that are active on this site quickly develop a favorite room to test their luck in when they are online. With ten different rooms, there are many first time choices for new players .

Mecca Bingo is a well-known name to bingo players in the UK as they have many live bingo halls there as well as the online site. The ease of navigation on the site makes it a pleasure to visit and play on. The reviews of this site are very positive, which makes it a site that a person should at least give a try if they are a bingo player.

New players that are worried about what happens if they become disconnected do not have to worry as your purchased cards are still live and continue to play for you. If one of them wins, you are credited with the win even if you are not on the site at the time. This has to be the way it is as disconnects happen all of the time on the Internet.

Mecca Bingo Games Another area that a player should watch for are the special on top of specials. Certain days of the week increase all winnings by a percentage above the stated jackpot. It could be an additional 15% on a £1000 guaranteed jackpot.

When playing multiple boards in a game the player can select automatic daubing so they do not miss a number on any board during a game. This is extremely helpful for those that play many boards in each game. Players that like to chat with other players during a game can do that too. This is a feature that is prevalent on many bingo sites as it is popular with players and the casino gains too. It is hard to leave a site where you have many friends playing online.

For many logical and financial reasons this site is worth giving a try in a quest to find a site to play on. May the calls go your way and your game boards stay hot.

Mecca Bingo Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The deposit methods include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, Ukash and GeoTrust. The withdrawals may or may not be credited back to credit cards, so e-wallets may be a better choice.

Be sure and read the withdrawal rules for a site that you are going to play. The rules for each site are different.

Mecca Bingo Customer Support

Customer support is available by phone or e-mail.


This bingo site is also one of the largest bingo hall operators in the UK. By going online they just made their large customer base a springboard to a very good bingo site. The promotions that are offered rival those of other top online bingo sites and mean that players have a shot at some significant prize money. Being a long time bingo operator, they know what players like and they offer that or better. Specials, promotions and outright large jackpots are the rule at this site and the players are staying and playing online.