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Sun Bingo Review

Sun Bingo Sun Bingo offers all three-bingo games, 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball. The site has a slot section that is available for bingo players that wish to take some time away from the bingo wars. This bingo sites has 31 Chat Rooms and 60 Chat Room Monitors. This is very helpful to players as they can get questions answered fast and by knowledgeable staff people. Sun Bingo realizes that taking care of customers is the name of the game to keep players that have registered and to get new players to stay.

The new player registers an account first and then receives a £100 match on the first deposit.

Sun Bingo Bingo promotions are available daily to monthly and the bigger jackpot games are offered when it is most convenient for the player to be online. For players who are slot players too, they have slots that pay jackpots from 3000 coins to 20,000 coins.

Disconnection from the Internet is not a concern for a player during a game. The player's purchased cards will continue to play even when the player is knocked off line. Multiple card players are treated the same as a one card player. When a player purchases game cards, the computer registers who the owner is and this is who will get the winnings if a card becomes a winner.

Playing in the bigger games that are offered it is wise to get the cards as soon as they are available for the game. This will insure that the player is registered for the game and does not miss a game they wish to play.

When players are in need of a game break or just want to get away from gaming for a minute, the other games that are offered on this site can be used to allow a fun break. Maybe a few slot spins may be in order for the tried player. Lady Luck is a fickle lady and you never know when she will smile on you. Depending on the coin size you play, some of the slots are worth winning as the prize money is substantial. All it takes is a few spins and then catching lightening in a bottle to win the prize.

Sun Bingo Games After a break, the bingo cards will be fresher for you and maybe the calls will go your way. You might try buying different numbers of cards for the game to see if you can shake out a winner. If nothing else it will make the some of the losing games less expensive.

The real player reviews are a mixed bag, but not truly negative. The major complaint if you consider it a complaint was the site was just what if claimed to be, a bingo site. Surprise, not much glitz just what the site is supposed to be. This is far and away not a negative for players who just want a bingo site and not all of the other stuff that is on some of the monster sites that offer bingo and every other form of gaming. Try it for your play and see what you think for yourself.

Sun Bingo Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposit methods include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron Withdrawals may or may not be credited back to cards. Most players use an e-wallet if it is available to the player.

Suggestion to all new players, read the Withdrawal rules on any gaming site being considered. Each site has its own unique rules.

Sun Bingo Customer Support

Support is available by phone, email and by Chat Monitors in real time. The CM's are available in any Chat Room on the site.


All three ball versions of bingo are offered at Sun Bingo. Chat Room bingo is pushed on this site and accounts for the 31 Chat Rooms. There are numerous specials and bigger jackpot games offered weekly and monthly. The site uses their Chat Room monitors to answer questions and since there are a number of them, getting help is easy. Sun Bingo is a place to play for those looking for a new site.