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724 Bingo Software logo 724Bingo was founded in 2001 by Mr. Ken Chua, and in 2002 it was bought by Chimera Technology. Mr Ken Chua is currently the CEO of Chimera Technology. 724 Bingo based in Nevada and they are focused on providing the best available technology software on the increasing bingo market. 724 Bingo is licensed in Costa Rica. They offer the software for online bingo halls as well as all the management that is needed to run a bingo website. The software is very flexible and it can adapt itself to any website. The company constantly invests in the development of the games in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. They use the system called 'Birds Eye' to manage the webpage, providing the complete turnkey operations to their licensees. 724 Bingo offers the "back end" operations to the licensees. Much attention is given to the administration and the internet commerce management, which offers a complete day by day accounting of losses and profits. This way the licensees can start their business with all the required tools and see it up and running very quickly.

The software developed by 724 Bingo is very adaptable and the licensees can whose whether they want to apply it to the pre-existing website or launch a brand new one. Users of the Chimera license can operate their own private label Internet Gaming Sites.

The website that is powered by the 724 Bingo software is very appealing. They offer a design that features vivid colours, fun features and excellent games that are realistic in both sounds and graphics. The website is suitable for both online bingo newbie and experienced players. The players that have just started playing online bingo can get familiar with the webpage very quickly as the amount of information included in the site can be very helpful.

724 Bingo developed an interactive multi-player poker game system however they are based on the design and marketing of online bingo. The games are visually appealing and very fun. High rollers will be pleased to find out that they can buy up to 250 bingo cards at a time which can significantly increase the chances of winning. The auto daub feature is an essential feature for players who play more cards however payers that enjoy covering the numbers themselves have the option to turn it off. There are many other features that can be selected to make the game closer to the personal preferences of each player.