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Chartwell Technology Software logo Chartwell Technology Inc. is a company based in Canada that started in 1998. They do not own any gaming websites rather they specialized in supplying the software and all the necessary support to gaming operators. Their state-of-the-art software is very adaptable and very stable, and it comes in both the downloadable and instant play flash version. In fact they were among the first to offer Java games.

Chartwell Technology software is very easy to use and the various buttons are easily spotted and readable. The player thus gets familiar with the page layout very quickly which makes the playing experience more pleasing.

Chartwell Technology Software screenshots game Players at Chartwell Technology bingo websites can play up to 30 cards at one time, and to make sure they catch all the numbers there is the auto daub system. While on many websites the numbers are displayed above the bingo cards in Chartwell's online bingo room they are nicely displayed on the side making them easily to see and to keep track of the called numbers. Players can buy the cards in advance and also select the 'Best card' sorting option. Cards can be purchased up to seven days in advance. The website is very transparent because players can keep track of their purchased cards. By choosing to turn on the auto play option players can to do other things while they play and wait to hit bingo. There are different bingo caller options as the audio can be set.

Chartwell Technology Software game Chartwell Technology developed many other classic casino games to make sure players would be entertained even between two scheduled bingo games. These games are integrated in the bingo software and they include video poker and slots that are very fun and can bring some great cash prizes. Side games can be accessed by clicking on the games button.

The website allows an unlimited number of players and this means big progressive jackpots as well as a large chat community. The chat window is set on the lower left side of the screen here the numbers are displayed.

The graphics of the games are very good and the sounds of the games are quite realistic. The game window is scalable so that it can be opened it in the full screen version giving a better overview. Players can improve the game performance in case they have a lower end computer by modifying the display resolutions.

Chartwell Technology uses CyberBanx which is an e-commerce banking module that supports many deposit and withdrawal methods. Players can be sure that the offered banking options are fast and reliable.