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Leap Frog Gaming Software logoLeap Frog gaming software adds literally a whole new dimension to playing online bingo. While computer games developers constantly strived to make the 3D gaming environment as realistic as possible, online bingo halls for a long time remained in only 2 dimensions. Leap Frog Gaming however were the first ones to implement the technological developments into the online bingo websites giving the players the opportunity to play in a virtual 3D bingo halls. They have combined the best ideas of both simultaneous role-playing games and online bingo to offer you a complete experience.

Leap Frog Gaming Software gameVirtual bingo halls created by Leap Frog usually feature several bingo rooms as well as rooms with other games such as slot machines. Players go from one room to another by simply clicking on the desired direction and moving their avatar. An avatar is the virtual representation of the player in the online bingo hall and it can be personalized to some extent as players can choose the sex of their avatar and the colour of the outfit. While moving through the hall it is possible to see what other players are doing. Players in bingo rooms are divided in smaller groups at the tables. Each player can choose its table. It is possible to chat and also to see how close other players at the table are to winning, which gives it a very realistic feel.

While developing the 3D environment Leap Frog Gaming did not forget that the most important feature of an online bingo hall is the quality of your favourite game, bingo. The games are excellent and run very smooth. You can customize your play by turning on or off the auto daub or the auto buy for example, along with many other features.

Leap Frog Gaming Software gameYou can win really big playing in online bingo halls powered by Leap Frog Gaming, as the jackpots are very high both at bingo and at slot machines. They can reach the astronomic high sum of $500,000. Another game that is very popular among the players is Video Poker.

Bingo is a social game and chatting with other players is as important as playing the game. You will find excellent chat managers that will make you feel at home right from the start, and the chat games that are offered are very fast and very fun to play so they are always a welcomed distraction.

Leap Frog Gaming is a breath of fresh air among the online bingo providers as they have combined the modern technologies and the well tested experience. In their online bingo halls you can play online bingo and other games and chat with other bingo lovers in a very realistic virtual environment while enjoying all the comforts of your home.