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Net Bingo Software logo With Net Bingo you can start your own online bingo hall at an incredibly competitive price. Gaming operators can launch a new website for a very low price of only $99 if they opt for the encrypted software and for $199 if they decide to use the source code that can be completely adapted.

Net Bingo software offers many different functions to the gaming operators. These functions include the features necessary for the registration of the players and a system that can keep track of winnings. The bingo room can have different layouts to best fit the website and to be as user friendly as possible. There are different bingo patterns and different bingo card prices that can be set. The players can customize the game by turning on or off the offered features such as auto daub and auto buy. The chat room can also be personalized.

The software uses the popular MySQL and PHP and to be able to work it needs the Zend Optimizer. The software can work on the Internet Explorer however to get the best performances possible it is preferable that it is used with either Firefox or Netscape web browsers.

Net Bingo is created for gaming operators who want to give to the players an interactive bingo hall. The number of players that can participate to the game is not limited so that the competition between players to who is going to get bingo first can be as exciting as possible. The software is available in free trial, compiled code or open source version.