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Outbound Systems Software logo Outbound System is an online gaming corporation based in Canada. They have specialised in the development of software that powers online bingo halls. The gaming operators that use Outbound Systems service a complete service as the package includes the gaming platform, support service, secured transactions, game administration tools, and back-end applications. Support team constantly upgrades the sites and they make sure everything is up to date and working properly making the games run smooth and without annoying interruptions. Customer support is available round the clock and the team is well prepared to answer any question a player may have regarding registration process, games and software, or banking. Outbound Systems software can fit different online bingo websites and it can also be customized on the personal level to fit the player's computer performances and personal preferences.

Outbound Systems bingo software is available in both the XML and Java version, in other words it can be either downloaded and installed on the computer, or it can be played in the instant play version. This way it can be adapted to fin a variety of different operating systems. Bingo is offered in both the 75 ball and the 90 ball version so that it can be well received on both sides of the Atlantic. There are many different bingo patterns and the card prices also vary. Each game offers profile and history options and the help desk is also available.

The chat rooms are very fun and players will feel welcomed in the chat community from the start thanks to the excellent chat managers. The chat rooms offer various features. The chat window does not stay constantly open as the player can choose whether to leave it docked or undocked while playing the game. The emoticons can be used to make the conversation quicker and easier. A very fun option is the possibility to create a personal profile that can contain photos, biographies, interests, and that can be shared with other players. This gives the bingo hall a much friendlier and homier feeling.

The Outbound Systems software features a customizable skin and different callers. The card size can be adjusted so that players can get a good resolution independent on which screen resolution their computer has. Various music and sounds are also available and in case players do not want any type of distractions while playing their favourite game they can turn all the sounds off.