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ProWager Systems Software logo ProWager Systems is a company based in Canada that was established in 1997. They provide software that powers online gaming websites. The software is easy to operate and it can be adapted to fit any website. The licensees can customize hundreds of features such as graphics and sounds and even the structure of the game room. The price of the bingo card and the patterns can also be set. The software supports both play-for-money and play-for-fun bingo. Some of the online bingo halls that use this software are bingoonline.com, slingo.com, and freebingo.co.uk.

ProWager Systems Software screenshots The ProWager Systems bingo software comes in the no-download flash based version. The only thing players need to do to start playing is to register. The flash version software takes very little time to start, especially when compared to the software that needs to be installed. The best thing about it is that players can access their account from any computer and they don't have to be bound to the computer on which they installed the software. ProWager Systems offers both the 75 ball version of bingo that is very popular in the USA and the 90 ball version that is preferred by players in Europe and Australia.

ProWager Systems Software screenshots Websites using ProWager Systems software usually offer various bingo rooms where players can play both real money games and free games. Price of a single bingo card and the various patterns depends on the room and on the operator. There are some advantages of playing online bingo besides the possibility to enjoy the comforts of ones home. Many more cards can be played at once increasing the options of winning thanks to the auto daub system. Cards can be purchased in advance, and in case the internet connection should fail the system will keep playing automatically. Moreover as the player gets closer to winning the colour of the card changes showing how many balls he needs to hit bingo.

The social aspect of the game on the other hand is still very present in ProWager System software. The chat rooms can be accessed instantly and they feature many options. Players can use the frequently used phrases, chat with many players or select to chat in private with only one person, and in case they don't want to chat at all because they want to dedicate themselves to the game there is the 'ignore' option. Chat rooms have a chat manager that moderates the chat and the chat games too.