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Bingo Play in the Historical and Present Day Life of the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, Bingo play was connected to the cinemas in the region. Cinemas were converted so that on certain nights of the week Bingo would be played and on other nights the movies would be played. It offered a wide variety of entertainment for the residents in the region during the twentieth century. However, over time the cinemas were converted into Bingo halls as Bingo play became more popular than the movie options and nights.

Offline today, the UK bingo halls use paper sheet. On the sheets are the bingo numbers. When the numbers are called, they are marked off on the players’ paper sheets with an ink dauber. Numbers are called in a similar manner to the way lottery numbers are called in the United States. The numbers are on balls and sealed in a unit. Air flow is blown in on the bottom and then it is suctioned at the top. There are also some offline bingo halls where video bingo machines are used. For these, the numbers are called and automatically posted on the video machines participants utilize for play.

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However, technology has improved and one does not have to go to physically located bingo halls to play bingo. Now, players can go to online gambling and casino sites and play bingo on the World Wide Web. Some of the games are free and do not use real money, while others do use real money and offer real cash prizes.