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Are You New to Bingo?

There are very few people alive who haven't at least heard of the game of bingo and almost everyone has played some form of the game in their lives.  Variations on the game of bingo are used in classrooms to teach children anything from math to history.  There is even a popular baby shower bingo that is fun to play.

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The game itself stems back to the 1500s as a lottery type game in Italy.  That game evolved as it traveled to France and Germany and through the years became widespread throughout Europe.  In the early days of the 1900s, the game made its way to America where it became the familiar 75 ball design still popular today.

It's one of the easiest games in the world to play.  The game card consists of a grid of 25 squares with the columns headed by the letters B-I-N-G-O.  Each square has a number in it.  B numbers are from 1-15, I numbers are 16-30, N numbers are 31-45, G numbers are 46-60 and O numbers are 61-75.  The numbers appear randomly so each card will be different other than the traditional free space found in the center of the card.  The free space is kind of like a wild card in that it counts as a filled square for any winning combination that it's in.

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With traditional bingo games, you needed some sort of marker if the bingo cards were made of wood or a dauber (sort of a magic marker) if the bingo cards are made of paper as most are these days.  With online bingo, you simply click your mouse on the square to “daub” the number.

The basic bingo game is won when you get all the numbers in a row (across, up and down or diagonally).  There are many patterns that can also be played like the coverall game (all squares must be covered), the X pattern (both diagonal lines) or the four corner pattern (all four corners plus free space).  With the advent of online bingo software, the patterns available can be more complex and more fun.