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Is Online Bingo Threatening Bingo Halls?

I've seen a lot of speculation as to the affect that the proliferation of online bingo sites are having on the traditional land based bingo halls.  There are people who say that the rise in online bingo is causing a downshift in the popularity of the bingo hall.  I'll have to say that I disagree with that premise.  I believe that the online bingo sites are filling a void that the bingo halls are unable to fill.

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Those who enjoy bingo and have a local bingo hall still go to their weekly bingo games.  It is a way to be able to socialize with friends while enjoying a friendly game and maybe win a prize.  Those people either don't play online bingo or use it to while the time away during the week when they are unlikely to attend a local game.

The economy and smoking bans and now the excessive taxes are doing a number on the land based halls.  More and more are shutting down or consolidating because of the dwindling attendance.  Some areas don't have land based bingo halls, too.  With the price of gasoline and travel, many people can't travel several towns away just to play bingo.

Online bingo is filling the needs of those who can't afford to travel to a local bingo hall as well as those who just don't have a local hall.  Traditional bingo halls are facing tough times but it's unfair to blame that on the online bingo sites.  Most players online are not the usual players who go to land based halls in the first place.  The tight economy has done the most damage to the bingo halls and online bingo sites are just providing an alternative so that people can still get their game on!