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Offline Bingo Vs. Online Bingo

Bingo players enjoy the game for the ease of play and the social aspects of bingo.  Luckily, both of these features can be enjoyed both offline and online.  However, there are some small differences that you should be aware of if you've only played one version before.  Each one has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

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One of the most enjoyable aspects offline is the ability to chat with your neighbor at the table.  However, most avid bingo players will shush you when the games begin.  That's because you can easily miss a number if you're talking and it can be difficult to catch up.  Online, however, you can turn on the autodaub feature at many sites and the computer will do that all for you.

The prizes tend to be a higher value online, especially if you play a progressive jackpot game.  If you're hoping to hit a life changing amount of money playing bingo, you are far more likely to do so online.

The variety tends to be greater online, as well.  There are some games, like speed bingo and 80 ball bingo, that are generally not offered offline.  For a wider variety of games, online has the bingo halls beat hands down.  Plus most online bingo sites offer a bunch of cool side games that you won't find in a bingo hall.