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Play Online Bingo in Your Browser

I hear so many people say that they don't play online bingo because they are afraid to download the software.  First of all, if you are dealing with a well known, reputable online bingo provider, you are not going to have to worry about viruses, trojans or other nasties from their software.  They would never deliberately alienate their potential customers that way.  Secondly, you don't have to download anything at many online bingo sites now.  Most offer a flash based version of the software that enables you to play all or at least most of the games right in your browser.

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Flash is simple to create yet can be used to create very complex games these days.  You can see flash based games everywhere, from scratch tickets to full arcade style games.  The gaming industry has adopted flash with a vengeance and you can find bingo and almost every type of gambling game created with flash today.

Some bingo sites won't offer every single game in a flash version but generally they will make at least the most popular games available.  On the other hand, we are seeing more and more sites that only offer flash games and do not make a downloadable option at all.  It's much safer for the players as there is no concern of malware at all but it's also easier for the site to make changes.  With downloadable software, every time the site adds a new game or makes changes to an old one, they would have to have all their players update their software.  Flash eliminates the need to hassle customers this way.