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Playing Bingo Patterns

Anyone who has played bingo a time or two knows the standard patterns used: single line, two line, full house, four corners and coverall are pretty universal.  However, with the online games and software evolving every day, more intricate patterns are being invented and played every day.  Pattern games are normally only played in 75 ball games as the configuration of the cards and the way 90 ball is usually won does not lend itself to a lot of variation.

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Postage stamp is a pretty common pattern that can be played anytime.  That pattern is completed just by getting the four squares within any corner or a certain corner if the game calls for it.  Double stamp would mean getting two of those corners in order to win.  Another common pattern is the picnic table.  That is an X with the top line covered, too.

Because of the even square design with the 5x5 grid within it, 75 ball bingo cards are perfectly suited for multiple pattern designs.  These come themed to coincide with promotions such as a heart pattern for Valentine's Day or sometimes even letters to spell out a word.  Those work with multiple cards, of course, one letter per card to spell out the chosen word.