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Do You Participate in Bingo Tournaments?

There are basically two types of online bingo tournaments available.  The first type, a fixed number of games or time based tournament, is actually falling out of favor these days but you may still see them offered.  The other type, much more popular these days, is a tournament that runs for a certain period of time and the person can play as much bingo during that time as possible.  Since the second type of bingo tournament is the most common one today, that is what we will discuss in this post.

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This type of tournament is won by the person who gets the most points during the run of the promotion.  Generally points are earned by depositing and spending certain amounts of cash, say one point for each pound spent.  Often the site will make it more fair and more exciting by adding other ways to earn points such as getting bingo on a certain pattern throughout the tournament or winning chat games or even referring friends to the site.

Unless you are an extremely avid bingo player, I would recommend staying away from tournaments that only give you points for spending money.  If you don't have an endless bingo budget, those types of tournaments are very tough to win.  It's better to look for tournaments that give points for activities that you normally do.  Then it's easy and natural to earn points and have a shot at winning the prize offered.

When choosing a tournament, you should not only be considering how to earn points, however.  You should also consider how long the tournament will run and what prizes are being offered.  After all, no sense winning a tournament that gives you a prize that you're not really interested in, is it?  The more attractive the prize, the more people will get in on the action, so your chances of winning may be lower with the biggest prizes.