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How Does Online Bingo Work Anyway?

When you're involved in the bingo world, it can be hard to remember that there are still many people who have never played online bingo or visited a site.  I continue to get questions from people who have no clue how it all works so this post is to help any newbies to the world of online bingo.

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Online bingo sites work by the players purchasing their bingo tickets and entering a bingo room to play the game.  Just as at the live bingo games, the cost of tickets for each game may vary depending on the value of the prize or jackpot offered.  Unlike the offline bingo halls, where the prize is pretty much always cash, online bingo sites come up with a staggering variety of prizes that you can win.  We've seen sites that offer everything from haircuts to electronic gadgets to fabulous holiday trips and cruises.  There really is no limit to what they could come up with next!

Obviously, if you buy more tickets to a game, you will have an increased chance to win that game.  For those choosing which bingo game based on chances of winning, you may want to check out the UK style 90 ball bingo games.  Those games offer three chances to win compared to the single winner of traditional American style 75 ball bingo games.  You also have a higher chance of winning when there are fewer people playing.  You can play at an unusual time to find a room without too many players.

The games themselves are much faster paced online than in a land based bingo hall.  A typical game runs only about 4-6 minutes so anyone can find the time to play an occasional game of bingo.  There are also versions that play even faster for those who want a bit more excitement and the chance to squeeze in more playing time.  A newer variation, known as 80 ball bingo, runs a bit longer than the classic 75 ball bingo but doesn't take as long as the 90 ball bingo game.  There is even an option called Speed Bingo where the numbers are called much faster than normal.  A game of Speed Bingo can be over in two minutes!