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Tips for Playing Bingo Patterns

Like me, most of you are probably familiar with the traditional patterns of getting a bingo with 75 ball bingo.  You win by getting a five square line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.  Of course, there are more variations that have been developed to make the game more interesting.  Patterns like “postage stamp”, “around the block” and “picnic table” are pretty common in bingo halls across the country.  However, with online bingo, the patterns get even more complicated and you can even have serial patterns on multiple cards in any given game.

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One thing that helps to spot the pattern is to not worry about any numbers that aren't in that pattern.  In other words, instead of marking every number called, only mark the ones that fit the pattern on your bingo card.  This makes it much easier to see when you actually complete the pattern.

Patterns can be fit into any theme and now is a good time to see a lot of different holiday patterns.  Sites may offer Christmas tree patterns, candy cane patterns or other holiday themes.  Some sites will spell out words so that you may have to play a certain number of cards and get each letter in order to win.  Naturally, these more complex bingo patterns will take longer to play most of the time so plan accordingly.

Often the site's software will make the pattern obvious to you, with shading or outlining, so that you won't have to remember a very complicated or serial pattern.  That makes it easier to keep up because with a pattern game like that, if you get behind looking for your numbers, you may never catch up.