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Tombola Bingo Introduces Bingo Translator

A word that is catching on in common language usage, at least in the online bingo world, is binglish.  This is the term used to describe the text speak language of the bingo chat rooms, along with the various terms that came about only due to bingo.  It certainly can feel like the rest of the players are speaking a different language when you first encounter the online bingo chat rooms and many people get confused.

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Since Tombola Bingo wants to make it easier and less confusing, they've actually created a Binglish translator for their players to use on their site.  All you need to to is input the acronyms you encounter into the translator and it will tell you what it means in commonly understood English.  For example, GL becomes good luck and WDW becomes well done, winner.

What is most interesting about this new translator tool is that Tombola Bingo actually consulted a language expert in their development.  Senior Language and Culture Lecturer, Angela Smith of Sunderland University, says that the lingo used in the chat rooms is a sub-cultural language development that helps to give the bingo community a sense of group identity.  Apparently, the binglish is what is helping to foster that community feeling that envelops the game of bingo.

Smith said, “These sorts of phrases and abbreviations offer the notion that people are in the same room rather than the reality of being separated by possibly hundreds of miles.  The translator enables newcomers to join a community that already exists online much quicker than they would otherwise have been able to, and once there, have fun communicating in this very specific sort of language.  For users, I'm sure it could almost be as much fun to join the community and use this language as it is to play.”