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What is Housie and Who Plays It?

Some of you may be confused by some of the different terms used in the online bingo world.  One that is commonly asked about is housie.  Well, there is really nothing to be confused about – housie is simply what Australians call bingo in their country.  And believe me, they do like their bingo down under!

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One would think that the Aussies would play a game similar to the UK's famous 90 ball bingo with the 3 row, 9 column design that has 27 squares.  With the UK bingo style, players have three chances to win as they have the one line winner, then the two line winner and then a full house winner.   Each successive winning combination is generally worth a larger prize.

Funnily enough, the Australian housie is actually the same as the American 75 ball bingo game with the traditional 5 x 5 grid consisting of 25 squares.  While there are a number of patterns that can be played with this version of bingo, there is only one winner per game on a normal basis.  The simplest pattern on an ordinary housie game is getting a five in a row line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.  However, some of the pattern games can get more creative.

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The Aussie and American version of the UK full house is called blackout or coverall.  Either type is won by covering every square on the card.  Generally, the lower the amount of called numbers that it takes to win, the larger the prize.

Of course, playing online bingo, a person rarely has to choose only one version of the game.  Most online bingo sites offer both 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo rooms so you can switch back and forth with ease.  Some sites even offer some unique new variations such as 30 ball bingo, 50 ball bingo and the popular 80 ball bingo.