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Are You a Superstitious Bingo Player?

In the offline world of bingo, superstition seems to be prevalent.  If you have ever been at a local bingo game, you will have seen what I’m talking about.  I’ve seen people who have to use a certain dauber for all the high stakes game.  Others always sit in the same exact spot every single week.  Still others pull out various good luck charms from their bingo bags and set them on the table by their cards.

One thing that is very common is trying to pick bingo cards based on lucky numbers.  Players choose these for traditional reasons such as birthdays and such but some choose a number in a more bizarre manner.  I once saw a lady insist that she must have cards with 22 on them as she has seen that number in a dream the night before.

Perhaps gambling and superstition go together?  Or perhaps it’s any type of game.  You often see it in professional sports where a pitcher won’t cut their hair because they’re afraid it will end their winning streak or a quarterback wears the same socks to every game so they can run faster.

I’m not in the least superstitious.  My horoscope and my fortune cookie both said the same thing this week so it must be true.  Now I have to get going as it’s almost 13 after and you know it’s bad luck to finish anything 13 after the hour.

Beginner Bingo Tips

Online bingo is more popular than it ever has been and it seems a new site is launching every day.  With the proliferation of new places to play and the huge jackpots that are becoming more commonplace, it’s no wonder that so many new players are trying online bingo than ever before.  If you are new to online bingo, here are a few simple tips to help you better your chances of winning a prize.

The biggest tip to starting out is to just be polite and be social.  Much of the fun lies in the chat rooms where you can get help if needed and meet other bingo players.  To make your online bingo experience the best it can be, you need to be in there and being friendly with the others in the room.

Remember when starting out to not overdo it.  Playing the maximum amount of cards may give you a greater chance at winning but only if you can keep up with them.  You start missing numbers and the game is just too fast paced to be able to catch up.  Start out slowly with just a few cards and then work your way up as you become more familiar and comfortable with the game.

When choosing a room to play in, see how many players are already there.  The fewer the players, the greater your chances of winning.  Of course, that also gives you less opportunity to meet new friends so it’s not a good idea to only play low player rooms.  A good mix will give you the best chance at both winning a prize and making new friends.

Have You Tried Speed Bingo Yet?

Amazingly enough, it would seem that a regular online bingo game that takes five to six minutes is simply not fast paced enough for some bingo players.  For those players, some genius has developed the speed bingo game variation.  Rather than the 2-3 seconds between numbers called in regular bingo, with speed bingo the numbers fly out one every single second.  A game of speed bingo is generally completed in less than a minute!  Are you suited for speed bingo?

Do you have a fast response time?  You need to be pretty much instant at finding the number in speed bingo name or you’ll be searching three numbers later.  Once you get behind, you can bet you won’t catch up!

Perhaps you can only spare a minute or so and simply can’t wait to play a game of bingo?  If you are hard pressed for time, then perhaps speed bingo could help you get your bingo fix without having to be online for that long.

Are you one who’s focus is only on how much you can win?  Speed bingo does allow you to play more games in a shorter time so it does tend to increase your odds in winning a prize.

About the only thing you can do is give it a try for yourself and see if you can keep up.  Of course, it eliminates any chance of chatting during a game as you won’t have time to type anything in the chat window!

How to Get Yourself Tossed Out of an Online Bingo Chat Room

For many of us, one of the biggest attractions to online bingo is the opportunity to meet other players and make new friends.  This is generally done within the bingo room chats and many people participate in that every day.  Sometimes, though, you will see someone in there who apparently doesn’t care for the social aspects and they generally make a jerk of themselves.  Some exhibit such troll-like behavior that they end up getting told to never return and their accounts get terminated.  I’ve seen some that seem to have that as their goal, because they go out of their way to be as obnoxious as possible.  If that is you and you can’t figure out how to terminate your account on your own, here is how you can be sure to get yourself tossed out of any online bingo chat room posthaste.

Start of by coming up with the most nastiest username you can – put in some sly sexual innuendo or perhaps a cuss word in another language.  You can be sure of offending as many people as possible upon first impression.  That’s a good way to start things off.

Then be sure to be as rude and snotty as you can to everyone in the room, especially the chat moderator.  They love dealing with obnoxious people, after all, that’s their job, right?  So make sure you make rude comments to everyone and be sure to put in a few ethnic jokes and slurs to ensure that you don’t leave anyone out.

Of course, if you happen to win, the other roomies will love to congratulate you so be sure that you repeat it several times and make sure to tell them what losers they are since they didn’t win and you did.  Other players simply love to celebrate with you….over and over and over and over.  Really.

They also love to commiserate with you when you lose so make sure you share that, as well.  Tell them how you never win anything and how it’s not fair that others do.  And be sure to have a lot to say if another player manages to win twice – that’s not really fair, is it?

Make sure that you keep your caps lock key on at all times, too.  That way you can be sure that your comments will stand out among the rest so everyone is sure to see them.

Online Bingo Etiquette

Most of us are taught manners by our parents when they were raising us.  With any luck, most of us were taught these basics and know to be courteous when dealing with others in any medium.  However, there are some who the anonymity of the computer screen seems to change their personalities or perhaps they just don’t know how to communicate effectively in text.  It’s hard to tell which it is at times so it is a good idea to give others the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

When playing online bingo, the main place that we will need to exercise our good manners will be within the bingo chat rooms as that is where you interact with both the chat moderator and the other bingo players.  You not only need to know how to treat other people and what’s expected of you, but you also need to know the right way to deal with others who may seem rude or unfriendly.

While in the chat rooms, you should always be polite and respectful of other roomies.  It’s always a good idea to lurk for a bit when entering a new room to get a feel for the behavior there.  Each chat room will have a different atmosphere and what may be appropriate in one room won’t be in another.  For example, you may find one room that the people are being flirty with each other but that would be frowned on in a different bingo chat room.

Don’t use all capital letters as online that is akin to yelling at people.  It’s also very hard to read on the computer screen.  You should not be using profanity under any circumstances nor make offensive comments towards any race, gender, etc., as you don’t know who else is in there.

When you feel like someone else is being rude, step back for a minute before jumping all over them.  Tones, joking and the like do not always come across the way they were intended in text so before getting angry, at least think about the possiblity that it was not intended to be rude.  When someone is out of line, report it to the CM if necessary but otherwise ignore the rude person and let the CM handle it – that’s part of her job.

Bingo Players – The Band?

I was searching for something new to bring you today and would you believe that I found a hot little house band from the Netherlands called the Bingo Players?  They have a sound that I’m not sure I can describe and I can’t say that I would listen to their music on a regular basis but I did find one that I enjoyed, called Devotion.  You can hear it for yourself, if you want, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYen6mnNgvQ.

They are obviously becoming quite well known within their own country but are touring through a few other European countries this fall/early winter as well, including Belgium later this week on the 23rd, Germany on the 30th and even the UK in December.  Their entire show schedule for the rest of the year, along with several of their videos, can be found on their MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/bingoplayers.

After I found this band, I tried to find out a little more about them and why they came up with the band name, but I couldn’t find any details anywhere online.  However, I did come across another musical item that I think you guys will appreciate – a parody of a Beyonce hit that’s all about bingo players!

I found this at http://www.amiright.com/parody/2000s/beyonce35.shtml which also has many other song parodies on the site.  You can read the entire lyrics on the site but I did get a kick out of one of the choruses:

Cause if ya heard it you should have put a chip on it
If ya heard it you should have put a chip on it
Don’t be mad if you miss heard and you screw up bad
If ya heard it you should have put a chip on it

Unfortunately, there wasn’t an mp3 or video so that I could actually hear the song being done so you’d have to imagine it to Beyonce’s hit, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”.


Now Bingo is a Snack?

ITC Limited is a food manufacturer in India and they’ve named their new snack food line Bingo!  They said it took them nine months to come up with a plan and a suitable name but in India the game of bingo is relatively unknown so the term wouldn’t have any implications to the majority of people.  Their reasoning for choosing Bingo! as the brand is because it is short and catchy, yet wide open in terms of the categories of snacks it could cover.

Apparently, they are positioning Bingo! to breakthrough the market domination of Frito-Lay on the snack market in India.  Since launching just over two years ago, the brand is doing okay for itself, already taking an 13% market share away from giant Frito-Lay.  They offer a variety of salty type snacks such as potato chips and also some finger food snacks that are popular in India.

There television commercials have been quite interesting, focusing on brand recognition by using similar sounding words and also stressing the taste and characteristics of their products.  Of the commercials that are up on YouTube this one is my favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29ueMX-pxaY.

The company’s newest strategy is a bold one – they’re actually increasing the amount of the content by 50% but not increasing the price.  Boy, is that a strategy I’d like to see in the western world!  Considering that the price of almost all the base ingredients have gone up in cost, this move is surprising to many within the snack industry.  The company says that they have cut other costs and made deals with suppliers that are good for the country.  They have a unique business model that includes partnering with more than 100,000 small local farmers in order to obtain spices and wheat.

I wonder if this will ever become a global snack company?  Can you imagine going to the bingo hall to play a game of bingo and eating Bingo! chips while playing?  Of course, that’s not likely as the brand name would obviously have other connotations for people in the western world but it is rather a fun thing to imagine.

Today is Gambling Awareness Day

I don’t know about you but I’m always aware when I’m gambling so I don’t need a special day.  Seriously, though, today is honored within the gambling industry to make everyone aware of that small percentage of people who simply can’t quit gambling, no matter how much they lose.  While it’s a relatively small percentage of the overall number of people who gamble, it is a very serious and heartrending issue when it does happen.

There are some very good groups who can help if you have a gambling problem or someone you know is in over their head – GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous are there to support and assist you in breaking the habit.  Signs to watch for in yourself or those you care about are if they are wagering more than they can afford on a regular basis, it all they every want to do is gamble or if they have changed their personalities and habits to accommodate their gambling addiction.

It is up to all of us to watch out for one another when we can.  The few that have serious gambling problems are what gives the entire industry a black eye in public awareness.  After all, you’ll never see a news story about John Doe who played for four hours and went home when his bankroll was gone.  News reports are those sensational stories of people who go thousands or even millions of dollars into debt because they couldn’t stop or those who turn to crime to fund their habit.

Why Should You Be Loyal to One or Two Sites?

While it might be tempting to skip from online bingo site to online bingo site, collecting all those initial bonuses, it may not be the best way to stretch your bingo budget.  Since many of the sites won’t allow you to actually cash out any winnings from bonuses, at least not without spending quite a bit of time playing on the site, you may be better off finding one or two sites with an excellent loyalty scheme instead.

Most online bingo sites offer some sort of loyalty program, designed to reward faithful members and of course, keeping them playing on that site.  They may offer points that can be converted into free bingo cards or other prizes or they may offer special games only available to members of the loyalty program.  Either way, there’s a good chance that you will have more opportunity to actually make a profit if you use a good loyalty program to the fullest.

You see, when you buy bingo tickets using your loyalty points, you can almost always treat those the same as the ones you buy with cash.  By this, I mean that you can usually cash out any winnings just as if you had paid with your own funds.  That’s a whole lot better for the bingo budget than playing for free yet also not winning any real money.  After all, sure we have fun when we play but aren’t we all hoping to win some cash?  I know that I am!

When you are looking around and comparing sites, instead of focusing on who gives the biggest initial bonus, try comparing their loyalty programs instead.  Some sites give points for more things than others and some give much better value for those points.  Be sure that you are getting the most you can from your online bingo site by choosing the best loyalty scheme.

The best programs will reward you for just about every action you take on site like depositing, playing games and participating in the chat rooms.  Some of these sites will have special chat game awards of large numbers of points, too.  Another good source for points would be to refer your friends to their site so don’t forget to tell all your buddies to come play bingo with you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pre-Buying Bingo Cards

More and more online bingo websites are offering pre-buy options for bingo players, especially for the big ticket huge jackpot games.  A lot of bingo players enjoy this feature and find it very helpful but there are those who are concerned over what they perceive the pre-buy feature is doing to degrade the game.  Let’s take a look at both sides of the picture today.

There are three main advantages to bingo players from the pre-buy features.  For one, it means that they never miss a game that they may worry about forgetting.  For another, it also means that you can play in a game that you can’t actually attend for whatever reason.  It could be that it takes place while you’re at work or busy with a prior commitment but it could also be so that you can be in a different high stakes game at the same time.

The third advantage is one that doesn’t occur to many bingo players but makes a lot of sense.  Pre-buying bingo cards can help you keep from overspending on your bingo budget.  It’s easy to get caught up in the buying frenzy from excitement as you wait for the game to begin but if you’ve bought the tickets in advance, you will stop yourself from going over your budget and therefore manage your bankroll much more effectively.

Now, there are a number of people who are unhappy about the proliferation of pre-buy options.  They say that by being able to buy tickets in advance and then not even have to be present – well, they feel that is no longer a game but more like a simple lottery.  The other thing that can result from too many players buying tickets is that it can take away some of the pleasure from the other bingo players that are present at the game.  These opponents of the pre-buy option say that the bingo chat rooms will be much quieter and less fun because many of the players won’t actually be there to chat.

I have to say that I think the advantages to players outweigh the disadvantages.  I have been in a few big jackpot games with pre-buy options and I didn’t notice the room to be any quieter – in fact, it was more chatty than many other games because everyone was so excited by the idea of winning a big jackpot.