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Which Bingo Website Is Best For Me

Many times new online bingo players are overwhelmed by all the hoopla that is involved with many of the online bingo websites. Each site has so many different offerings and so many different “bells and whistles” to attract new customers that in some cases it simply turns out to be complete overkill. It is not uncommon for new bingo players to get a little confused when they first start looking at all the different bingo web sites and options for them online. If you are new to the online world of bingo keep reading and we will try to make since of some of the most common misconceptions for you.

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We all have to start somewhere and unfortunately for most of us, that place is the beginning. The first thing that you should understand about online bingo is that there are two major sections or types of bingo web sites. One type of bingo site offers totally free bingo play, you can play as much as you want and it costs nothing on these web sites. The downside to these web sites is the fact that they usually do not offer prizes and if they do they are smaller prizes that are not that big of deal. Then you have the paid bingo web sites. These sites charge per bingo card just like any other bingo hall would. Most of these sites do allow you to play multiple cards simultaneously, but they usually only cost a few cents apiece. These bingo web sites usually offer sizable prizes and in some cases have huge cash prizes in their progressive jackpot bingo games. If you are player who want to see the money, then you may have to pay to play.

When you are looking for a new pay to play bingo web site to start off on, there are few factors that you must consider before you decide which site to join. The first and foremost is the amount of players and winners listed on a site. Certain bingo web sites do not present this information, but you will find that many larger bingo web sites show off these stats right on their front page. You want to play where more people are. This is because the jackpots will automatically be driven up by the sheer volume of players! Finally you may want to look for web sites that offer a sign up bonus. This means you get free cash in your account just for joining the bingo site and what better way to play?