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Make A List And Check It Twice

Fall is a great time to invite your friends to play at your favorite bingo halls. Doing so allows you to get in touch before the winter holidays and take advantage of some sweet bingo buck action in the form of bonuses. There are even some bingo halls out there which not only give you a one-time bonus when your friend accepts your referral invitation, but will also give you a percentage of your friends deposits in match deposit bonus action for up to four months. So, how do you go about getting friends to accept your invites? Well, think of it like party invitations and follow these tips.

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Tip #1: Make a list of everyone you want to invite

This list can be three people, or twenty people or even a hundred people. Just like with a party invitation, you should put the most important people first on the list. These are the people who you know play bingo, and who you know enjoy gaming online. They are the most likely candidates to RSVP to your online bingo party.

Tip #2: Narrow the list to 25 people or less

The reason for this is that you don’t want to invite too many people at one time. It is best to keep the number under 25, even for sites that allow unlimited friend referrals. Why? Well, if we keep to the party theme, you will want to have one again next month. This means you can use friend referrals at your favorite bingo halls to invite the next 25 on your list the following month.

Tip #3: Email or call your friends and tell them about the invite

Just like it is good practice to contact party goers a short while before the party takes place, it is also a good idea to let friends know that a referral email invitation is coming their way. That way it won’t get mistaken for junk mail or tossed in the trash.

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Tip #4: Remember to write your thank you notes

A quick email of thanks to a friend who accepts the invite and gets you some free bingo bucks is a winning proposal. Thank you friends and they will be most apt to accept future friend referrals to additional online bingo halls and you can both cash in on the bonuses. Who kinows – you could even get an invite in return.