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Girly Bingo Nights

Although bingo is not just for women, it seems to be a very female saturated market. An easy game to play, it is fun and if you play online bingo, it allows the boring parts of the day, such as waiting for your dinner to cook, to pass quite quickly and enjoyably. However, people are now venturing to make more of an event out of it and it really is a laugh.

Girly Bingo NightsI am a student living in a house with three other girls and once a fortnight we have a girly bingo night. We invite other friends over, get into slouch-wear, eat take-away, do our nails and have a few games of bingo together. I have heard traditional bingo hall goers say that online bingo will be the death of their beloved halls, which may happen in the future, but for now I think it is simply attracting a new audience to the game. Since playing online, I have visited the bingo hall a couple of times and will probably keep going a few times a year but the ease of online websites such as Paddy Power attracts me far more readily.

Another myth is that it is less social than going out to play bingo. I think the fact that we make a night of it defeats that jibe before I even mention the ability to chat online with your friends and people you are playing with. Most rooms have chat moderation in place which means it prevents people from sharing too many details and can also ban people for using offensive language.

By having these evenings it means we can limit how much we play and how much we pay. As with any form of gambling and betting, there is a risk of addiction so we are careful not to overdo it or egg each other on too much. I never play bingo if I am not with my friends but I know if any of them or myself start to show signs of addiction there is help available on the website.