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A History of Bingo in the UK

Despite the recession, Bingo is going strong! For everyone who loves bingo it is a source of comfort, a way of unwinding at the end of a stressful day or week. For many of us, our first taste of bingo fun was hearing a friend shout out from the back seats of a packed bingo hall, full of glee that they had a full house. It should come as no surprise that bingo is still as popular as ever despite the economy, as this is not the first financial storm it has weathered!

Online bingo promotions have created a whole new generation of bingo-goers, and they are enjoying the game from their homes and offices, bathtubs and train seats! People are taking advantage of technology, using their smartphones, tablets and computers to join in. The game is no longer seen as an older person's game, and younger fans are abundant in online bingo sites everywhere. Bingo has lasted in the UK from as early as the 1700's, having originated in Italy two centuries before, and spread through France and Europe. German children even learnt their numbers at school by playing bingo! Most games begin with the 'caller' describing the prizes on offer, and beginning the game. Tickets show a range of digits in a strip three deep and nine wide, which are quickly marked off by the player as it is called.

For many an essential part of playing is hearing the 'bingo lingo' or famous phrases used by callers everywhere - 'two fat ladies', 'two little ducks' or even 'top of the shop'. Of course there are many to choose from, and some of the less well known are local to a certain area, but all originate from daily life. 'Lawnmower' for example, corresponding to the number 14, was related to original lawnmowers having a 14 inch blade – a fact which is now obsolete. Callers have made the game entertaining for millions, and it is partly due to their ability to hold a room that the game ever found success. The best online games manage to retain this fast pace and excitement of the real game. If you want to try your luck, go to Bingo.paddypower.com.