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Play Free Tournament Bingo for Cash Prizes!

Internet Bingo LogoInternet Bingo is a free bingo site where a player can play bingo for free without risking any money. The way a player can get any of the prizes that are offered online is to win bingo games and gain entries into the monthly drawings that are held for the winning bingo players. Think of it this way, you play for free, each time you win a bingo game, you are awarded a drawing entry, at the end of each month a drawing will be held and the winner will be given that month's prize.

The reason that a person would play here is two-fold; they enjoy playing bingo but do not want to risk any of their own money. They play each month hoping to win a few bingo games and have entries from the wins that will give them a chance to win that month's prize. This would appeal to many new bingo players and people who like to gamble for free. The thought of winning one of the substantial prizes that are offered is enough to get some players to come and play over and over. Something without risk is the thinking of players on this site.

The sponsoring sites offer real money bingo games and a player can earn playing money for play on some of the sponsors sites. This gives a player another reason to play at this site.

Internet Bingo ScreenshotAlthough there are no real money games on this bingo site, the online site does offer Live Chat for customer support and Live Chat in the Chat room games. This is a great site for new bingo players that are learning the ins and outs of online bingo. The site uses very good bingo software and offers a wide choice of games for the players to choose between.

For those that are new to online bingo this site is a good way to learn this form of bingo that is different in some respects than live bingo games. Every winning bingo pays a penny and after a player wins enough pennies, they can take this small stake to one of the sponsor bingo sites and play for real money. If you have the time this is a way to get a stake to try for some real money along with the prizes that are offered each month in the drawings. Play for free and get a chance to win prizes or real money on a sponsor site.