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Site of the year 2007 - Bingo Cabin

www.onlinebingosites.co.uk Site of the Year 2007 Award

Each calendar year the site www.onlinebingosites.co.uk collects the votes from players as to which bingo hall is the best in each player's opinion. In the year 2007, Bingo Cabin was voted the best bingo hall. The reasons the players gave for this rating were varied and show what players consider important to make a good site. Customer support was rated top of the line as well as the website management. This is probably the result of their very friendly Chat Room Managers, who add to the pleasure of playing at their site. Helpful and gracious Chat Room Managers show that the top management of the bingo hall is aware that the TLC of players is critical to the success. Bingo Cabin hit the Internet running in 2004 and has grown in popularity every year.

Bingo Cabin Screenshot

Another reason for the top rating of this bingo hall is the software they use which is the highly rated Leap Frog Gaming software, which runs the site. Their use of the 3D software that allows a player to play bingo, slots and video poker is unique to the bingo hall arena. The software also gives a 3D effect to the site as a player moves about in the Chat Rooms and can chat with the managers and other player while they play. Live Chat while playing is a real boon to the bingo games played on the Internet. Online bingo halls know that their sites not only provide gaming, but a meeting place for friends that come to the site. Being able to talk with other players adds to this meeting ability. Players will think twice about giving up a site that is populated with players that are their friends.

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Winning money is always an attraction to players that want to gamble. Bingo Cabin has a number of games that have various sizes of jackpots and a large selection of games to gamble for a win. The weekly specials are setup to be played on the same night each week. The prize money is reasonable to very large depending on the game that is being called. Bingo Cabin does offer some very large jackpots and progressive games that are always winners with players and were very likely strong reasons that the players voted for this site.

Bonus money on deposits is another factor that gets players involved with a site at first and then keeps the players involved on a monthly basis. Bingo Cabin has a fair upfront bonus program and a bonus program that is dependent on the player's activity. Active players are going to like the online site for this reason alone as they are getting a break on the cost of playing on the site. This ongoing program was an obvious reason for a lot of votes by their loyal players.

Bingo Cabin 3D Software

After customer support, the feature on most bingo sites that impresses players is the way money is put in their player account or distributed out if the player so desires. Bingo Cabin uses credit cards, wire transfers and e-wallets to move money in an out of player accounts. This is an important consideration for players, but not one that would engender the most votes for a bingo hall. What could effect the voting are the withdrawal rules that the Bingo Cabin requires of the players to get their money out of their account. The newer bingo halls usually have fairer rules that are more favorable to the players. The older bingo halls may be a little tight on their rules. This could account for votes by knowledgeable players. Players do not like restrictions that they feel are unfair and this will lose votes and if continued, lose players.

The voting goes to Bingo Cabin since it is a modern site that is run very well with great software and very solid games that are offered routinely during any week. The prize money is excellent and the number of games with good jackpots is outstanding. This was an easy vote for players that had played on the site and were very pleased with the experience. Content players are more than willing to give thumbs up to a site that they like. Bingo Cabin has great rapport with their players.