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Progressive Slots

Progressive SlotsThere are many different types of slot games available at casinos, both offline and online. In addition to the variety, players can also enjoy potentially high rewards for comparably little investment. Slots are so popular that, in total, they make up seventy to eighty percent of a casino's revenue. Out of all the varieties of slots available to players, one of the most popular is progressive slots. Progressive slot machine games link a number of different slot machines. The jackpot gets higher and higher until someone wins. Once a person wins the jackpot, which is substantially larger than single entity slot machines that are not linked to others, the jackpot is reset.

The jackpot created by progressive slots is made up of a percentage of all of the money paid into the machine and, potentially, other machines. As more and more players take part in the progressive slots, the jackpot will grow. The top reward gets bigger and bigger until someone wins. However, it is important to note that because it is a percentage of coins that are turned into the payout for the progressive jackpot, the actual amount paid to a winner will be less on the game's other winning combinations. In some cases, because of how the jackpot occasionally gets reset, the jackpot paid out can actually be less than that of other games. This is because some other games have a fixed jackpot, while the jackpot for progressive slots is fluid and drops down after a person wins, only to grow again.

There are actually a number of different types of progressive slot machines that can be enjoyed by players. There is the stand alone progressive slot machine, in-house slot machines, also referred to as proprietary progressive slot machines, and wide area progressive slot machines. These machines are slightly varied from each other, although they are designed with the same basic premise in mind.

Progressive SlotsStand alone progressive slot machines are not actually linked to any others. Instead, the jackpot grows based on how many individuals insert coins into that one individual machine. The jackpot winner will receive a percentage of that one machine's profits. There is a meter on the front of the machine in order to illustrate to players how much the jackpot is. However, because it is just a single machine, the jackpots on these types of slot machines are often much lower than their progressive slot machine counterparts.

In-house, or proprietary, progressive slot machines are linked together. They are all owned and operated by a single casino entity. These machines may all be located in a single casino or, if the casino entity has a number of different physical locations, the machines may be spread out in different areas. Some of the highest jackpots for these types of slot machines are in excess of millions of dollars.

Lastly, players can consider wide area progressive slot machines. These machines are most likely to offer the biggest slot machine jackpots. The slot machines are linked together, but they can be linked together by many unrelated casinos around the world. Since there are so many casinos involved in wide area progressive slot machines, the machines are operated by an independent company rather than one particular casino. Casinos who operate wide area progressive slot machines are entitled to a percentage of the winnings. While the jackpots are large, the odds of hitting such a jackpot are also increased since there is so much more competition among these types of slot machines, as there are generally more slot machines to be played.

Progressive slot games are not just available offline in physically located casinos. There are also progressive slot machines and games available online. The online progressive slot machines are subject to the same categories of offline progressive slot machines and offer players just as much fun, excitement and potential monetary rewards!